Starting again on a low budget

Started by Eidmantas, July 11, 2012, 03:32:28 PM

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Hey guys,

I'm starting to shoot videos again after a long time, the problem is that I will sometimes need to use the DLSR for stills. And buying a flash/autofocus lenses for Panasonic seems to be a killer for me.

My budget is around 300-400 pounds, I'm looking for an used GH1(GH13 to be) and a 550D. How's the quality from the 550D with the newest magic lantern? Does it hold up with the GH13?

Thanks. All opinions are welcome.


Hi Eidmantas and welcome.

DSLR video is all about shallow depth of field. It's a key storytelling tool where you lead the viewers eye to the subject that matters in a frame. And at the same time it blurs the distracting objects. With the GH13 it's harder to achieve shallow dof. All cheap fast wides become tele and you need a bigger distance to the subject for framing. And with that more distance you loose more of the ability to achieve shallow dof.

I'd say buy a used 550d with a used plastic fantastic 50mm 1.8II and use the 50mm wide open. You get a great storytelling tool.
Just watch what Rustic Red Studio can do with that.


Don't forget audio/tripods and you'll probably want SOME lights. That's enough money to start off but just barely.

AF in video is mostly just follow focus. Panasonic has built in stabilization and can adapt more cheapie lenses. But I *think* gh1 has 4:2:2 video, clean hdmi and higher bitrates. I almost want one now hehehe... but I shoot a lot of stills and its crap for that.