5D3 RAW in a 12-camera shootout

Started by Sanji, August 25, 2014, 08:56:46 AM

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I just came across this interesting camera shootout. What concerns me is that the 5D3 RAW here doesn't look like it should. The settings were "Technicolor, ML RAW" which seems weird because as far as I know you can't mix RAW with picture profiles. The image also does have that Cinestyle flat look to it. My question is: did they shoot H264 and pass it off as ML RAW?



that's a lot of cameras...only thing missing is 35mm kodak


Yeah, picture style does not get applied to the DNGs when shooting ML RAW, but I do believe such meta-data is recorded and can be applied to the footage in post (so, maybe they did apply picture style in post without realizing it. This could easily occur if not proficient in ML RAW post processing workflow).

But either way, what was with all those purposely over and under exposed shots? Why bother comparing anything but correctly exposed footage???

Also, why include the GH4 and the 1DC? He states it's all ungraded footage, OK, but they don't shoot RAW and apply picture styles in-camera, so in a sense these cameras' footage have been color graded.

Seems to be quite an unscientific excercise in camera comparison in which the authors themselves admit to many mistakes. So nice idea, but poor execution :-\


Yeah, you're probably right about them applying a curve in post.