MLV: EOS M, pink dots and other

Started by Penhanco, August 25, 2014, 04:57:22 PM

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Hi Community,

First of all: I'm using the 20Aug14 version of ML and record in 1280x514 for 16:9.

I haven't found any way yet that the PinkDotRemover (focus dots) works with MLV. -> I converted .MLV via MLV dump to .RAW and tried MLVMystic as well. Both results still contain Pink Dots after converted with PinkDotRemover.
That's why I'm currently using MLVMystic and the Chroma Smooth 2x2-setting to remove these dots. However, I am not very happy with the results. As you can see in my examples, the smooth-setting creates some bad results:

  • Example 1 shows black dots in the exported .mov-file. Maybe in overexposed areas.
  • Example 2 shows various colors along some sharp lines. Pic shows the full resolution of the record.
  • Example 3: I have increased the exposure in MlRawViewer, because my record was quite dark. The result is some red dots in black areas which, I think, still are some "Pink Dots".
Do you know any good way to remove these pink focus dots on MLV-files? Why does the PinkDotRemover not work with converted .raw-files?

In hope that these are just some little questions, I'm posting these here aswell:
1. Altough I set the resolution in ML to 1280 and the format to 16:9, the result at the end has a 16:10 format. What did I wrong?
2. Is there a function for auto-exposure during video record in ML?

Thanks for your help! ... and nevertheless, ML is an awesome tool.