how to get prores 444 xq into Adobe ACR / after effects

Started by mannfilm, August 20, 2014, 03:41:22 AM

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Could someone explain in real simple  steps how to get the new prores 444 xq available into Adobe after effects? Various people have been talking something about downloading the final cut x trial. So I did. And 444 XQ shows up in FCX and compressor, but is not an export option from within adobe after effects. The file is hidden somewhere? Thanks in advance


Per RedDeerCity, many thanks,

"... extracted the codecs from FCPX or Compressor by right clicking on the application and going to show contents, then from show contents go to the plugins folder, from the plugins folder go to Compressor folder, then right clicked Compressor.bundle to show package contents, then go to plugins folder and then to ProMediaIO folder, then in the components folder copied all the .components and pasted them into my main HD--> System-->Library-->QuickTime folder
Hope that helps."