True Resolution of H.264 Video

Started by kyrobb, August 17, 2014, 10:04:00 PM

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As someone who owns a 550D as well as a 50D, I've played around with your amazing Raw video features quite a bit. My 50D can create some remarkably sharp footage with the Raw hack. For some projects however, I find the H.264 codec to be satisfactory. So my question is, with the Liveview resolution being only 1584x1058, does that mean my true resolution in H.264 video is not 1920x1080 but actually 1584x891 upscaled? Or is it true 1080P? Just wondering if I'm getting more resolution in video with the 550D, as it's liveview resolution is higher, or are they both the same?

Walter Schulz

This has been widely discussed. Canon's H.264 1080p output is upscaled with noise reduction applied and some sharpening done. And I-frame to P-/B-frame rate isn't that good either.
Do a search for more info.


Thanks for the info! My searches thus far haven't amounted to much. Do you know if it's the liveview resolution that is upscaled by chance?


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Then if this is the case, the 550D would appear to have a higher effective resolution in H.264 video than the 50D I suppose. That is what I was trying to figure out. It's that little bit closer to true 1080. Thanks all for the help! I suppose the only Canon DSLR to shoot true 1080 resolution in both Raw and H.264 would be the 5D3 then?