Author Topic: Lightzone to convert .dng to .tif without hue shift  (Read 1737 times)


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Lightzone to convert .dng to .tif without hue shift
« on: August 15, 2014, 12:24:00 PM »
Hi folks,

once I tested the raw recording feature I stumbled over the problem that I need to handle .dng files somehow.
But all the free tools I came across messed with the colors of my shots (and I don´t want to spend on money lightroom).

Today I came across lightzone (an open source  alternative to adobes lightoom) and voilá it is able to handle the .dng
And you can batch process editing effects on the frame while storing it as 16 bit .tif.

I wondered why noone mentioned it here before.

For further process you can easily convert it to tga with irfanview so virtualdub can read the frames.