Author Topic: Maximum FPS with bracketing, and ML newbie questions  (Read 1533 times)


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Maximum FPS with bracketing, and ML newbie questions
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:40:47 PM »

I'd like to know if magic lantern can shoot, while bracketing at the same time, at high FPS.
I mean, native bracketing can work at camera's max fps speed. But, at least on my nikon (yes I'm planing to change for canon, hence my ML question), If I shoot 3 bracket, then it stops even if I still press the shutter.
What I would like is that pressing the shutter will just shoot as high fps possible several bracketing sequences till I release the shutter. Can ML do this ?

Also, can ML customize the camera not in live view mode (my above example three the OVF).

And finally, I saw that ML can be scripted. Is that fast ? If so, could I ask ML to fire 5 3 exposure bracketing (15 frames) at big fps, but shooting the 5 normal farm, then the 5 underexpose ones, then the 5 overexposed ones, or maybe 10 exposed ones, IF max exposure time is above the 1/focal rule.

All of this to do handled HDR / Fusion frame capture as fast as possible (the high fps would allow to get at least one image sharp for exposure below the 1/focla rule exposure time).