multiple camera shooting and indicating the files for post ???

Started by firstcamera, August 10, 2014, 12:37:49 AM

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Hi Forum,

i'm going to use 3 5D3's simultaneously for my upcoming shooting with the late July ML-firmware.
We're shooting RAW (MLV).

I know this topic was discussed here before, but only with the result of renaming all the shot files after downloading, i would do this in Bridge after extracting MLV->DNG.
How ever, are there any news on how it could be possible to make the files individual in camera (to all of my 3 cams)?
Isn't there a possibility to put a A, B, C into the file-names somehow?
Could we set the year different? (Aacm is same time as the others but 2011 and B is 2012, and ...)

I was working on that some hours but couldn't find a way.

Anybody out there facing the same problem?

Or can somebody guide me to the right topic here in the forum where it was discussed and solved already?

Or can somebody say it's definitely impossible, only with renaming after download?

Thank you so much,



I would make sure that each camera is set to its own different time (hour and minute) to make sure you're not ending up with 2-3 files that have the exact same name.

Your DIT is the key person on set, he needs to have a good organizational skill to best set up the folder structure for your ingest. There's a really cool app (probably more than one) that allows you to rename huge batches of files fairly easily, I would consider using it to perhaps add a prefix or suffix to each file that indicates which camera it came from (if that's important for you).


Thanks Midphase for sharing your thoughts on that!

So you think my idea to change the year of the cameras its not the best way to go?

And which app you have mentioned here to do the renaming?

Our workflow is envisaged:
MLRawViewer for DNG output -> Bridge (renaming and first setting of MetaData) -> AfterEffects -> APR-proRes-XQ -> FCP/DaVinci roundtrip (online/offline).

Am i on the right road?

Thanks and cheers from Munich mate,



Quote from: firstcamera on August 10, 2014, 03:28:09 AM
Our workflow is envisaged:
MLRawViewer for DNG output -> Bridge (renaming and first setting of MetaData) -> AfterEffects -> APR-proRes-XQ -> FCP/DaVinci roundtrip (online/offline).

I think the App is called Renamer...but as I mentioned, there are a bunch that do the same thing.

I would honestly advise you to skip AE and go straight into Resolve to manage your files.

My workflow is this:

CF Card -> RAWMagic -> CDNG -> Resolve or Premiere Pro for editing etc.


Faking the timestamps on anything is a bad idea - the #1 rule of any multi-device/MOS shoot is for everything to agree exactly about what time it is. It might sound good now, but in a year when you're trying to track down some old footage it really won't help if it claims to be from a totally different event. The closer you can get to time lock, the easier it is to edit.

Label all your cards so they stay with their intended device, and put a little text file on the card ("CAM1.txt", etc) so when you dump it to your working storage you can tell which folder came from where. Filenames don't matter if they're in logically-named folders (ask anyone who shoots MXF). Besides, if you're talking about a multicam shoot, once they're all in your editor you know instantly which is which from the angle of view. For an A/B shoot you would slate the cameras differently.


Thank you guys for all your input!

- I started with testing a workflow without AE and without Bridge.
The Problem I see is, i can't use all the RAW settings like in the Adobe CameraRAW window (Bridge+AfterEffects).
I tried out all the CameraRAW settings in Resolve (project settings and the settings on the color page) but for example I can not control the Tint and the White Balance.
(It's there but the sliders are not active - i tried out all project-RAW settings - but no way!?
I'm using the latest 11 Version on a new MacPro. Of course this would be also a much faster workflow because Resolve is using my graphic cards.
But it seems to be optimized only for cinemaDNG for the BlackMagic Cameras. ???

Renaming the files.
OK i think i will work with proper folder (A/B/C cameras) naming and not changing the time stamp - makes sense not to do so.
But how can I reset the "FileCount" of MagicLantern?
If I reset the counter in the Canon Menu, ML goes on counting the ML way as before.
I searched the ML menu but could not find a reset function.

Right now this file count was produced by ML: M10-2012.MLV

Could I reset this to: M10-0001.MLV ?

Or Do I have to reinstall the ML firmware to start a new clip-count?

Thanks for all your help out there!
And sorry if stuff was discussed here before - in this case, please guide me to the topic.



I'm going to guess that you shot that on the 10th at 8:12pm. Am I right ;) ?


Thanks dmilligan,

how embarrassing!  :D
Of course it's the daytime! Thank you so much.
I did not recognize it, because the camera was not set to my local time here.

And the two digits after the M indicating the date/day.

How simple, smart and straight forward!

Thank you Magic Lantern!
Thank you Forum!

And sorry for missing the forest for the trees !

Greets from Munich!