Wedding film using ML RAW on 5D mark III

Started by atnugo, August 09, 2014, 06:14:51 PM

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Hi everyone,

Glad to share with you some of my early work in the wedding ecosystem using RAW only :

Feel free to ask for technical details !
Cheers to the ML team !



Great work!! =)

Did you shoot the whole wedding raw? If so, how did yo overcome the work around of not being able to playback your footage?

ali farahani

Beauty..if you like talk about grading workflow in this project, color grading in the beginning of the clip came to my mind godfather movie :D
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Very impressive, especially the beginning inside the church!
No blown highlights, no noise in the shadows.
Getting the right moments with only one chance.
Excellent work.
Did you shoot that with a single cam?
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