Author Topic: Battery Life for ML vs. Canon Firmware Tests? Especially for RAW Record?  (Read 3352 times)


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Has anyone done these for the 5D MKIII?
I'm taking my camera to Africa for 3 weeks shortly and recently tried ML. I love it, but worried about battery drain as I'll rely a lot on solar power. I'd like to try and shoot a lot of RAW footage.
Any insight here is appreciated.


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Your primary battery suck will always be the LDC screen. While writing to CF cards eats up some juice, I don't think it's that much more noticeable. Rather, what tends to happen is that you are more likely to take your time setting up the correct exposure and focus on the LCD screen, and it will feel like your battery is getting used faster.

My advice is, regardless what you're shooting in, is to buy yourself plenty of batteries before your trip.


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Midphase said the truth.

In my experience, when you shoot outside, your perception of time change a lot.
You let your camera on, and maybe for ten minutes are looking for something, talking. That its 33% of your charge ;)

Buy batteries.

Axel Esteban

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Re: Battery Life for ML vs. Canon Firmware Tests? Especially for RAW Record?
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2019, 03:54:32 PM »
Hi, Im Axel from Argentina. Have to say completly and absolutely sure of this.... ML does make your bateryes drain! The last a little bit less than half of the time. Hav experience y the knowledge of the sonsuptions and duration of the batteryes is huge with ML installed. I work with a canos 5D MK III all days... all the day. 24-7. I know the camera well and also its autonomy. I know how it behave with and without ML and batteyes lasts like a 45% of the real time when ML is installed. People, I'm tooooootally certain of it. Thanks

Kind regards