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Which one is better? Viewfinder or monitor, to get the right focus, and or exposure.


HD LED Monitor.
Not necessary lilliput or expensive ones.
But check if works - specially RAW -  because here it's not working fine - YET ;).


I would not say that only one is the right solution, it depends what you film. For fast handheld, dynamic, running shooting - monitor s the only option, but for concerts, especially where light are going all around or outdoors when sun shines on your back - viewfinder does much better. Both cases - higher the resolution easier to get focus, but remember that most canon dlsr cameras drop the hdmi resolution down when recording, except 7D, 5Dmk3, 1DmkIV, 1Dc, 1Dx (correct me if I have missed one), so in case you have a camera that drops the resolution while recording, then high res monitor is not that useful.

And you don't judge exposure from monitor, or any other type of screen unless you have loads of money for high end stuff and have calibrated it, tough you probably would not shoot on dslr then either. You use zebras, histograms, waveform monitor, vectroscope, even a light meeter, but not you lcd screen in camera or external. It lies, badly.

on focus ML brought som egrate features like Digic peaking, and focus assist as such - really helps, takes some getting used to, especially if dslr is your first video camera. for me - I started with ENG, and other shoulder cameras and I'm used to have those PRO features, moved to dslr only because of the price/performance ratio and the type of work I'm doing. And because of ML brigs pro features.
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No doubt the scenario your shooting will play a big factor in your decision. I like using viewfinder when shooting with shoulder rig and outdoors on locked down tripod shots. External monitor is good for things like steadicam and dynamic tripod shots.


Thanks to all, I guess ansius taught us great advice, thanks again.


Quote from: optic_nerve on August 02, 2014, 06:28:31 PM
Thanks to all, I guess ansius taught us great advice, thanks again.

If you use your monitor outside, use your t-shirt ;) or a towel, as real cine...


It all depends on the environment you are in , interior shots I use the View finder for exposure and focus with my Zacuto Evf .
As it has a 1:1 pixel feature , witch give me a 856x480 center crop , just like in 3x crop mode.
And of course exterior shoots (outdoors)  I use the Zacuto EVF and if I have to travel lite (run & gun) I use a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x
off the back of the View finder. It's great to have a monitor but not necessary for focus or exposure  ;)


I don't want to open another topic since it's the same question.
I need to choose an external monitor or evf to use in a recoil setting with a 5D2. What brand do you use that doesn't cost like the crazy zacuto one?

Andrew Losurdo

Maybe you can try Feelworld monitor.
I just get a Feelworld new released monitor F7. I think it is really nice, and is a cost-effective solution. So I would like to share more details here.
It is a 7 inch full HD monitor 1920x1200. Both HDMI in and out support 4K UHD 3840×2160p .
IPS panel, and you will have a 160° wide viewing angle.

It is with many advanced Features, such as:
*Focus Assist
*False Color
*Zebra Exposure (0-100IRE adjustable)
*Nine Grid (Zoom one of the images to realize the full screen)
*Embedded audio meter
*Camera Mode
*Scan Mode (Auto, Over Scan, Full Screen)
*Zoom (Auto,4x,9x,16x)
*Anamorphic Mode (1.3x,2.0x,2.0x mag)
*Pixel to Pixel
*Center Marker, etc

Surin Dmitriy

Small hd 501 whith in viewfinder covers any situation)


I would today start with a monitor maybe 5" screen. But when I shoot landscapes and heavy sunlight situations, nothing and again nothing gets the job done better than a external EVF.
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Hi, I have a 5diii and I use it with a ninja blade, the advantage is that while I record raw internally with the camera, with the monitor recording in prores, as a backup and story in addition, with all the image monitoring tools, Histogram, zebras, etc.


For my landscape and still photography I would not leave home without my Varavon multi finder.

But sadly, I think the manufacturer has stopped selling this great product.


I just bought the new ikan 4" monitor with a loupe. Looks really good. Will fit well with my planned low weight shoulder rig, i hope [emoji4]