Author Topic: Canon Menu 640x480 affects certain resolutions  (Read 1242 times)


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Canon Menu 640x480 affects certain resolutions
« on: July 24, 2014, 02:59:21 PM »
Trying to figure this out, should be simple...

I found that I could shoot continuously at 1152x432 (2.67 AR) if I set my Canon menu to to 640x480.

The problem is that when the Canon menu is at that resolution, the video is stretched, despite the crop marks on the viewfinder showing otherwise.

I attempted to correct in post.. but after watching the video again this morning, its still off by a bit (almost no color correction and at an effective 85mm + 640x480 crop, its not a steady shot, just a test!) but wow does it look good:

Can anyone help recommend a crop setting (black bars are fine) that would bring the image to the proper scale?