Author Topic: Raw, MLraw, why do plugin pre-sets look so bad (MB looks, film convert, etc)  (Read 1876 times)


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Canon 5dm3. I think I'm doing something wrong? With both raw and MLraw, the film look pre-sets in Magic bullet looks, mojo, film convert, etc.,  look horrible, like some type of surrealistic joke film. I turn them down 75% and they look okay. But, is this normal? Or am I doing something way wrong here?


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No I would yes not, I use Film Convert Pro in A.E. &  FCPX with Cdng's with full 100% applied .
I use mainly "red one" for camera source thou, as the Canon pre-set are off big time, I think
they are using the h264 samples not sure. I also think some of the pre-set are limited to rec709 color space
and the red etc... are in linear with raw, so I'm guessing it's a color space issue.
Have you tried the new ProRes 4444 XQ it's supports 16bit in Linear color space up to 550Mb/s @ 1080p 30 fps
Then try the film Convert pro, I have been using the new codec XQ on a few projects now & I really can't tell the difference
between ProRes 4444 XQ and Cdng's/Raw. The Results are the same plus you can archive them with no quality loss.