How to install and load modules

Started by Audionut, July 21, 2014, 03:42:28 AM

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With the development of the module system, some old features, and lots of new features are being developed as modules.
So we have the core Magic Lantern code running on the camera, and we can enable these extra features via modules, as needed.


Nightly build:

You must be running a nightly build.  The stable build (version 2.3) is very outdated, and does not contain the module features.
For installation instructions for the nightly build for your camera, find your camera thread in this section and read the first post:

The modules are contained in the nightly build downloads.  You can find information about the modules on the features page:
You will also find README for each module, and links to each modules forum thread.

Loading the modules

Once you have the nightly build installed, you will now see a new modules menu in Magic Lantern.

Use the SET button to enable the modules you would like to use.

Now you restart the camera, and the modules that you enabled will be loaded and ready for use.

Using the modules

After the modules have been loaded, you will now find the function in the relevant Magic Lantern menu. 
An example can be seen here:


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