Strange FW on 6D... OK to flash ?

Started by Nathanael, October 24, 2013, 04:40:03 PM

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i'm leaving in France & just bought a 6D on simply electronics. I know it's "grey market", DSLR's are imported from Asia to sell in Europe. It was ok for me, my 6D is really good ! But... a question about the firmware ! I was interested by Magic Lantern for the future, so i cheked if the FW was updated to 1.1.3
But the version of my 6D is : 5.7.4 78 (1f)  :o

What does it mean ?! Can i flash the FW (v 1.1.3) downloaded on Canon website ? And after, can i flash Magic Lantern ?

Thanks a lot  :)
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Probably a leftover from the service. We had a similar situation with 7D, and ML ran out of the box (the firmware checksum was identical, so it was something from the settings area).

So, I'd say it's best to flash Canon firmware first.


OK, thanks a lot for your answer :)

So i have to flash the real FW 1.1.3 Canon and after i can flash ML ?


So, just flashed my 6D, all was ok ! Flash, camera off, battery out, format card, camera on... but the version of my 6D is still 5.7.4... is it normal ?


See if the installer works. If the checksum matches it should go ahead and boot.


the installer of what ? ML ?

Because i haven't the real v1.1.3... :/

Do you think i can try to flash 1.1.2 (to erase 5.7.4) then 1.1.3 then ML ?



Did you find a solution to this?  I have the same problem, can't ever update my firmware, every time it says 5.7.4 7D(1f), bought from the same company....



Walter Schulz

Have you tried downgrading to a previous version and upgrading after?
Is changing by Canon camera menu doesn't work you might want to try EOS Utility. USB connection required, of course.