GH4 mucking up my decision

Started by kihlbahkt, July 08, 2014, 11:33:38 PM

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I was looking at getting a video cam (canon AX20) in the under 2000$ usd and I came across the panasonic lumix GH4 which is 4/3 and in the price range with lots of yummy specs and cheaper that AX20. (Could buy a lens or two with the diff) I can use adapters for my current lens collection. It is DSLR form factor which is not my initial form factor choice but the specs are making me consider this as a choice. Anyone care to talk me out of buying a GH4 as my primary video camera instead of going with AX20 or similiar? My research is not complete so I would love to hear from anyone who has used either or both cameras. Or just has an opinion either way. My 600D work horses will still be in play as secondary cams. Dont actually have the cash right now so purchase will be later this year.
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If you don't have the cash right now, then why not wait and see what new cameras come between now and then?


 I do appreciate your comment and totally it reminded me of my mother. And it strikes me as funny, I'm still laughing about it.  A statement anyone's mother might have said throughout the years. Such solid, logical advice. It could be sooner than later PressureFM and there is always credit for such purchases. It depends how fired up I stay about getting a cam and motivated to rationalize it for the wife to be on-board.
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If I was in your place and had to choose between those 2 camera I would go hands down for the GH4 all day long.
as it more of a production camera with its accessories 10bit 4k out the HDMI etc...
I did a quick hands on test about a mouth ago , and it did impress me at its price point.
But I Still would go for a 5D3 if money is not to big of a issue , as raw at HD resolution is still  superior then AVC 8bit 4.2.0 4k
or 10bit uncompressed HD . Just food for thought, I shoot on a 5D2 (Great Camera BTW) and looking to upgrade to 5D3 by the end of this year .


Thanks reddeercity. I appreciate your comments.
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