Full-resolution silent pictures (silent.mo)

Started by a1ex, July 01, 2014, 05:11:15 PM

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Looking forward to the new compression scheme to be merged into the nightlies!
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Due to higher compression ratio for backup purposes i would prefer original to be fixed...


I'm pretty sure the new scheme has a better compression ratio. It's also many times faster.


so.. I just have to ask here.. so , someone might send me to right place

after some time I decided to install ML on 550D.. only interest at this moment is silnet pictures for timelapse
after whole day watching youtube, reading forum and wiki and who knows what.. I am totally confused

so, got ML, and its working, 550D with sigma 30mm 1.4.. no matter what I do, it always says that I have to switch to manual.. it is.. and still it says the same.. ok. .i switch the lens, 50mm 1.8 canon

ok.. now its working.. sometimes.. and for some reason it stops or say raw error or something like that.. its fast I cant see.. then.. got few crash reports.. and finally managed to take xxx pictures in slinet.. live view.. and I had to set my camera to 1/3000 f22 to be able to get normal picture ( so, there is no much use for me, if its like that.. cant take any serious timelapse without results or normal results or to see what I am doing ) .. yes I can preview picture in camera.. great.. but then.. for some reason when I go back I have to beg it to work and to take pictures, and still.. this is no way of taking pictures.. at least nothing serious.. or I am doing something wrong.. please point me into right direction

ok.. so.. after I managed to make mlv.. I cant read it from my camera.. ok. never mind that, but its problem for me.. anyways.. I got all this files.. I cant do anything with them
after reading this forum I got mlrawviewer.. and it crashes when I start it.. i get a glimpse of a pic.. I can see its set to 1/3 sec and it crashes

got mlv_dump something.. no gui.. what to do with it ?? any clear tutorial or instructions ? :) link please

conclusion: so , basically after beging camera to take pictures ( yeah, had problems with internal intervalometer also  and half press to take pictures, found out only way it would work if I set it to start after menu exit ) , pictures I cant change settings, as its over exposed, I get some files I dont know what to do with them, or its not working

ps.. so many info on this forum, some are old things some new, and I just need some help

so... if anyone is willing to step in and help, it would be nice :)

or is this normal and just have to accept it ? :D
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so...looks like you missed some things...so you didn't read maybe carefully all posts.

So to sum it up. With manual mode better try the M on your cam and not Av / Tv / S modes....so M in this case doesn't refer to your M / AF switch on your lens. AF is supported with frsp. Try to set your shutter speed not faster as ~1/30. Compensate with ISO or take a longer shot (1/15 or 1/8 or 1/2 or 1" etc...)...1/3000 like you settled-in will never ever work. So re-read the 1st post again but this time carefully. Read it twice or even thrice until you understand how frsp works. Maybe check your image review settings in canon menu too  :D I would stay away from MLV and instead use DNG option for the beginning (no need to hassle with mlvdump-questions and asking therefore for links). DNG should be clear what it is and how to open / edit them...

I am quoting a1ex from 1st post:

QuoteThe fastest shutter speed I've got is around 1/10 seconds

Once you still get strange results come back and write down your detailed steps / settings so we can try to reproduce- maybe that time with not so much so's. May I ask if you get same problems on your 6D (signature)?

[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


I didnt install it on 6D.. I use it for work and dont want to mess with it :)
550D has around 160 000 clicks.. so its ok if something happens to it :D
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Quote from: TokraCro on July 15, 2015, 08:56:30 PM
after some time I decided to install ML on 550D.. only interest at this moment is silnet pictures for timelapse

I have to disappoint you but 550D does not work good with full res silent pictures. The problem is with shutter speed. From below you are limited with 0.5 seconds. Silent pictures can go as fast as 1/10 secs (not my data, based on a1ex feedback), but usable pictures start from 0.5 secs because of the gradient.
From above full res silent pictures can't take exposures longer than 0.8 seconds with your camera.
In the end with 550D  you are limited to exposure interval between 0.5 secs and 0.8 secs.
I recommend you to read the whole thread, especially posts this and this.


You could try using a variable neutral density filter to give you longer exposure times.
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My little tests with FULL resolution silent mode timelapse video
Canon 6D, ML Nightly.2015Aug18.6D116
DNG , f/10 , 1/2sec, resize to 4k + adobe after effects + adobe premiere



When attempting to do full res silent pics on 50d using the may or june nightlies using "take pics like crazy" I also get individual mlv files per frame, and it cannot be stopped without taking out of battery.

Has there been any progress on this?


The simplest solution to avoid long exposure problem on 500D, 550D, 600D.

    call("FA_DeleteTestImage", job);
    if (copy_job)
        call("FA_DeleteTestImage", copy_job);
+   long_exposure_fix();

static void long_exposure_fix()
    unsigned shutter_old = lens_info.raw_shutter;
    if ((cam_500d || cam_550d || cam_600d) && shutter_old < SHUTTER_0s8)
        unsigned shutter = SHUTTER_1_500;
        prop_request_change_wait( PROP_SHUTTER, &shutter, 4, 100);
        void* job = (void*) call("FA_CreateTestImage");
        call("FA_CaptureTestImage", job);
        call("FA_DeleteTestImage", job);

        prop_request_change_wait( PROP_SHUTTER, &shutter_old, 4, 100);


FRSP continuous :
You need nd filter simulation?
How does it work?

The camera take silent pictures in continuous mode, for example, Tv 0.5s, 4 frames :

0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 = 2s

We can average frames in mlv_dump.

The movement of water/cloud will be like two seconds of exposure.
The image will 1EV more DR.

4 frames -> 1EV
16 frames -> 2EV
64 frames -> 3EV

Writing speed must be shorter than the exposure time.

one vs 20 frames :

Dual ISO alternately (100/1600, 1600/100, 100/1600...) :

I've never been convinced by the dual iso (loss of detail).
I think it should be a good solution, but I'm not 100% sure about because I do not tested in the landscape.

So in theory we get a huge DR.
100/1600 on the 500D give 2.2EV more.
If you averaged 16 frames, 2EV more DR.

Dual iso + 16 frames, give 4.2EV more for 500D  :o

Tree :

Interior :


Wow  8)
Very interested in both features. How to get it for 5D MkIII?


Here is the code :

It still requires many improvements :

Lag between shots :
  - ML code lag 50ms - 80ms,
       -- call("FA_CreateTestImage"); //4ms
       -- raw_update_params(); //17ms
             # raw.c
             # 721     autodetect_black_level  //3ms
             # 744     autodetect_white_level  //14ms
       -- task_create(silent_writer_task) //50-9ms, mostly 20ms

  - FA_CaptureTestImage code lag 40ms ? look -> http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=14363.0

The writing speed is unstable


Yeah, well...
If noone compile and share this in the near future... I should master it myself...
with blackjack and hookers :)


Excellent Stuff, Guys!!!

Will dig into this some more later on when timing persist.

Thanks for sharing, @Greg!
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Can you compile your Nd filter simulation features for 600D please ? :D


Quote from: Greg on October 30, 2015, 02:31:21 PM
FRSP continuous :
Nice stuff! It's been awfuly quiet on this forum lately, almost no significant updates or new features, nice to see someone's have new awesome ideas.
I believe your previous long exposure patch made into official nightly builds, congrats on that! What about all that FRSP features, any chance they will appear in the official builds someday?


Quote from: _no_id on November 12, 2015, 05:27:27 PM
I believe your previous long exposure patch made into official nightly builds
Long exposure patch for (500D, 550D, 600D) is in the official nightly builds.

Quote from: _no_id on November 12, 2015, 05:27:27 PM
What about all that FRSP features, any chance they will appear in the official builds someday?

I do not know, it works but requires improvements.
Preparation tools to build ML on Windows is just 3 minutes -> http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=15894.0


[dual iso] from my tests the detail loss on +2ELV is neglible, but visible with +3elv. dont use 100/1600, but ie 100/800. and picture stacking has its own limitations, so i dont really see the benefits of your code.. my(!) main benefit for dual-iso is photographing dynamic motives, therefore stacking cant help.

regards chmee
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It's probably just you :)
Sometimes DR more important than details.
Breaking 1 FPS limit is a godsend for me and stacking is very handy.


Hello, I met Santa Claus, he told me how to make the bulb FRSP.

FRSP bulb :
It does not work on cameras with SHOOTMODE_BULB, we need SHUTTER_BULB in Manual mode.
So it probably will work only with 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D.

I tried (500D) 15 minutes exposure, it works.

How to use it?
- Set shutter speed to "bulb",
- Go to the ML menu -> Shoot -> Bulb timer (not enabled) -> Set Exposure duration (0s - 15m00s),
- Take FRSP Bulb!  :)

Code - https://bitbucket.org/Gr3g01/magic-lantern-frsp-long-expo/commits/a5af9a0a3602aeb746fb2fc14dc06eb6fc2c0d47
Use at your own risk

Thanks for your help Alex!


Thats great! Did santa tell you if there was any hope to break the 15 sec limit on other cameras too?  ;)
Its on my 7d's wishlist  8)
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Ok, my first post.. here we go..!
Is it possible to shoot full-resolution silent pictures in crop-mode? Thought I saw something here about that. Choose MLV as format perhaps?