Full-resolution silent pictures (silent.mo)

Started by a1ex, July 01, 2014, 05:11:15 PM

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compiled from a branch fullres-silent-pics module and autoexec.bin for 600d canon. Removes, writes that retained, but the map is empty :( what did I do wrong?


Quote from: mothaibaphoto on December 03, 2014, 08:23:32 AM
magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep26.5D3123_FIX from mk11174

what's wrong with my setup?

Compile from the most recent changes in the repository, there could have been fixes implemented since that build was generated (see my conversation with florinfl above). Please also keep in mind that this is a feature still under development and lots of things are likely not working or buggy. Feel free to look at the code, figure out the problem, and fix it.

Quote from: astro2012 on December 03, 2014, 01:35:07 PM
Removes, writes that retained, but the map is empty

I have no idea what that means. Please be more specific.


compiled from a branch fullres-silent-pics module and autoexec.bin for 600d canon.

When shooting in the full-res mode, on the display information on successful saving a picture on the memory stick is displayed. But actually the memory stick is empty.


Quote from: dmilligan on December 03, 2014, 01:48:01 PM
Compile from the most recent changes in the repository, there could have been fixes implemented since that build was generated
It's out of my skills currently, sorry.
mk11174 insist there is no changes:
And lureb74 reports absolutely the same:
But I went further and tried ExFAT - not working :(
More info: magiclantern-Nightly.2014Aug06.5D2212 can save more than one "big" file at once with similar setup - I shot timelapse on MkII with that build.
Same time this magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep26.5D3123_FIX record regular (not Full-res silent) MLV just perfectly - i can save 10GB file on ExFAT formatted card and several 4GB files at once on FAT32.
magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep26.5D3123(without FIX) - Show "Raw error" when I try to capture full-resolution silent pic
magiclantern-Nightly.2014Jul18.5D3123 - have just DNG write option...
magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep26.5D2212 - same problem, as magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep26.5D3123_FIX
so, it's probably last A1ex tweaks :(
mlv_dump reports "Error: GUID within the file chunks mismatch" - this why just first file extracted.
Hope this info ^^^ will be useful for someone willing to fix this.


Quote from: astro2012 on December 03, 2014, 02:10:11 PM
When shooting in the full-res mode, on the display information on successful saving a picture on the memory stick is displayed. But actually the memory stick is empty.
saving as what type? what are your other settings? how did you verify the "memory stick is empty" ? you won't be able to view or transfer the files directly from inside the camera, you have to put the card in a card reader connected to a computer.


I apologize. Really through a card reader files are visible. Thanks!



My questions may comes a bit late, but is it possible to take full res silent pict via USB / EOS utility or a kind like Helicon Focus Remote ?

Cheers, Pierre
70D ML 111B


works at canon 600D. But there is a problem. If exposure of 1 second and above, the camera is incorrectly cut out.


Start reading at: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=12523.msg129874#msg129874

This is a known issue with 500D, 550D, and now I suppose also 600D.



Does anyone still have a build with full-res silent picture mode? Or can anyone clarify as to which build still has it?

I know Audionut was removing them as it's possibly too unstable or dangerous but I have a 5Dmk3 with a broken shutter, so I'm really hoping to get my hands on the Full res mode and help test it as much as I can, if the community would benefit from it.


@blackcannonfilms -- were you able to compile and get it to work on your 5D3 yet?
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I'm not can compile module, have this error, but if type
make clean
make (after this have error)
make (here compiling is done, but module not work, camera boot, but after ~10 sec not work)
magiclantern@magiclantern-VirtualBox:~/magic-lantern/modules/silent$ make clean
[ RM ]  silent.o silent.mo silent.sym silent.dep module_strings.h *.o *.d *.dep *.sym hgstamp
magiclantern@magiclantern-VirtualBox:~/magic-lantern/modules/silent$ make
[ README   ]   module_strings.h
cat README.rst | grep -v -E "^:([^:])+:.+$" | rst2html --no-xml-declaration | python ../html2text.py -b 700

/bin/sh: 1: rst2html: not found
grep: write error: Broken pipe

(<type 'exceptions.SystemExit'>, SystemExit(1,), <traceback object at 0x4031e504>)
make: *** [module_strings.h] Error 1



You also need to compile the ML core


Quote from: dmilligan on December 21, 2014, 01:27:42 AM
You also need to compile the ML core
You mean make command in platform folder?



I was wondering what kind of realistic frame rate I could achieve with this on a 6D (assume with a fast enough SD card to get the max ~40MB/s) using a remote shutter release to do the half-press?

I'm trying to develop a technique with which to telecine my family's old 8mm home movies. I've been messing with shooting video and trying to detect and remove all the duplicate frames but that gets very complicated very quickly.

I have mounted a microswitch on the projector shutter which I could adapt to short the half-press shutter "button" on the cable remote connection. Previously I abandoned that route as I would quickly wear out the mechanical shutter on the camera (3600 frames per 50meter film adds up quickly). But I wonder if this silent module could be able to do what I want? I don't even need the full resolution of the sensor--I would be happy with 720p (crop mode?)

I also read the thread about silent mode into an MLV container as opposed to DNGs would make writes faster. Would that help me?

Normally the projector runs at 18fps but it has a slow motion function I can use to do 16, 12, 9, 6 or 3fps.

So A1ex or anyone else familiar with this function--can you tell me if this is likely to work or not? I know most everyone else is using this module for timelapse. I would be doing 1/10 second exposures (the fastest shutter speed available, right?) triggered from the projector using the cable remote and would need to capture at 3fps (or even better 6fps if possible) via simulated half-presses. I am willing to experiment, but if there's no possible way it can work please let me know so I can go back to the shoot video/remote dupe frames method.

Thank you!


Fastest shutter speeds with full-res-silent-pics is about 1/3 of a second... So no way fast enough to do more then 3 frames a second.
But if you want to mimic 8mm film.
I'd choose a 1:1 aspect ratio in MLV raw menu and use fps override to do 18 fps.
This way you're shooting 18 fps in a square frame format.


Thanks Levas. When you say fastest shutter speeds with full-res-silent pics is 1/3 of a second are you actually talking about the shutter speed? Because I thought a1ex in the first post said the fastest shutter speed was 1/10 of a second.

And I'm actually not trying to mimic 8mm film, I'm trying to digitize pre-existing 8mm film. I know I can shoot at 18fps and set the projector to 18fps, but the projector uses an AC motor so the frame rate is not going to be precisely 18fps--thus the camera becomes unsynced and starts capturing frame transitions.

What I am trying to accomplish is the projector advances a frame, then tells the 6D to take a picture. That would allow me to achieve 1:1 frame capture (one still image for each frame of 8mm film). I can run the projector at 3fps if this silent mode can take photos at 3fps.


Ah you're trying to digitize 8mm.

I used some full-res-silent builds for Canon 6d in August this year, so maybe there are some improvements done after that.
But fastest shutter speeds I got on my 6d are in the range of 300 mili-seconds
Could be that there are some faster Canon camera's around which could handle 1/10th of a second.
I think in this case the readout speed of the 6d Sensor is the bottleneck, probably it really takes about 1/3 of a second to read the whole thing out. (6d has a slow burst rate against other Canons).
So 3 frames per second could be done...BUT due to the SD card slot, you can only write away 40Mb/s. So that's one frame per second for the 6d (35Mb per frame).

You're probably better of by searching for some store/person who has a dedicated scanner for 8mm...


I read though the entire thread so forgive me if I just missed it, but is it possible to fire flash with fullres silent? I don't see this specifically mentioned anywhere. I am still working on trying to compile it.


@bookemdano. I've made a slider with an arduino and stepper that moves a specified amount, then fires the half shutter (operated via iPhone app). I'd been thinking recently that the same design would suit telecine very well. You just have to swap the AC motor for a stepper then fps and sync are non issues.


Hey guys, I allready posted in the "Want to help with the latest development but don't know how to compile?" thread but i got no realy awnser.


In the end of July i tested the new FRSP modul with my old 600D and i was very happy with it. I took various photos with it and i produced even a little promo vid for this modul.


I tryed to find the borders of this modul and reported every bug i found. There were real not much ! ( :) )
Now, 5 months later, i sold my 600D and bought a 6D. Not hard to imagine that i want to try this new modul on the 6D too and help u guys with further developing. But.

I searchd now nearly 2 hours in the forum to find current silent.mo builds for the 6D but i found nothing useful. Now i read that people just asked for builds and didnt reported bugs :/ to sad.
So, the result from Audionut is totaly understandeble.

Now my question.
Is there any chance that a user, how is willing to "test" the FRSP modul, getting a working build for the 6D?

It would be realy awesome! This new feature would help me so much by taking timelapse's!

So i want to ask the same here.

Can some1 provide me a build for the 6D with the new full res silent pic mode?

Like i wrote. I tested it on my old 600D, which i sold few weeks ago, and i was totaly happy with it and it had realy just a few minor bugs. I took like 10k images without any dropped frames.


The bugs, limitations, and issues are pretty well known at point. What's really needed is further development. Once some more work is done there might be something to test, but if there's nobody developing, there's nothing to test.