Author Topic: Running post scripts for photography bracketing in LR/enfuse  (Read 3458 times)

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As a RE photographer I am trying to reduce my post work. I have been bracketing and doing post in Lightroom using LR/Enfuse. I have been researching ML to find a work flow that will allow me to run the script in my computer to produce a HD image (rather than handling and enfusing 50 brackets of 7 images). Cannot find one that will work on my Win 8. I did download enblend - enfuse and tried to drop a folder on the droplet as I read but that does not work either. I am stummped... Is anyone using the scripts in LR to minimize handling brackets in post? If so how exactly does it work and can you load the script from your camera onto your computer rather than having to take the card out of the camera after each shoot?


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Re: Running post scripts for photography bracketing in LR/enfuse
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2014, 04:50:05 AM »
You have to convert to .tif first with Enfuse. I've used everything for this, but Irfanview is an easy option that works well out of the box. After you convert to .tif, you can then process the .tifs with Enfuse. I'm not sure if Enfuse GUI can do multiple brackets at once, but I don't think so. Photomatix can convert multiple brackets in one operation directly from .cr2 files.

Personally, I coded a massive VB script to do everything including a first stage of color adjustments and keystoning, so I just have some final tweaks to do manually. This took months.