Cliphouse - ML Raw Batch Viewer And Converter

Started by SoulChildPaul, June 25, 2014, 02:39:29 PM

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Don't know if anyone has tried this out yet but its just been posted on PlanetHD. Price is a bit steep but is available to try for free. Downloading now.

Update: Doesn't seem to work with .MLV only .RAW


You know that saying "You only get one chance to make a first impression?"

Well, I gave Pomfort Cliphouse at least 3 of them and was not pleased with the impression starting with crashes, and then keeping me from running in demo mode due to an "expired trial period" which I never got. Pomfort's activity on these forums hasn't been particularly frequent which in turn has led me to believe that their priorities lie elsewhere.

The lack of .mlv support at this stage is unfortunately yet one more reason why Pomfort doesn't fit my needs.

I really wish that Jeff Orig of would take some time to discover other apps such as RAWMagic and MLRawViewer which have really made the post workflow of ML raw a much better experience than it was even a few months ago.


Mlrawviewer is my go to app. Baldand has done a great job in making our PP life a lot easier   ...and its free!!


How much money do you think RAWmagic guy and Baldand send to Planet5D to advertise their product?
once you go raw you never go back