Upgrading to the latest nightly without losing customizations

Started by goran, June 24, 2014, 08:33:23 AM

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I couldn't find and answer for what seems to me like a basic issue so I'm posting here. Sorry if it's been answered before, I really couldn't find an answer.

In order to go up from one nightly to the latest nightly build I simply replace the ML folder, autoexec.bin and ML5D3123.FIR on the card. I guess that's the right way to do it. However, this looses the customizations I've made such as resolution, loaded modules, etc. Is there a way to upgrade without losing the customizations?

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Just copy the new files over old ones, and overwrite everything.


Hi A1ex,

That's what I do but than I have to reconfigure the resolution, Global Draw, load raw modules, crop marks, etc.... Is there a way to upgrade without having to reconfigure everything again? Is there some config file that I can export and after I overwrite use it?



Custom settings are stored in the SETTINGS folder (inside the ML folder) on the card.

Since the nightly build downloads contain no files in the settings folder, no files should be overwritten, and hence, original settings should be retained.

So you should look at how your file manager is doing the copying of a new build over the old build.

To back up your settings, copy the SETTINGS folder from the card, to somewhere safe.

edit:  Module settings are stored in the module folder as .cfg files.  Again, the nightly downloads do not contain .cfg files, so these should be retained when copying a new build over also.