Author Topic: 5D Mark II - Liveview Mode shows datapath when half press release button  (Read 1821 times)


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Dear Forum
I am posting this the second time - cause i never got any reply ... i hope somebody can help me now:

I hope this is not a silly question - but i can't find any answers in the web - guess i am searching in the wrong way or the problem is not one???

Anyway - today suddenly i realised that, when i half press the release button of my 5D Mark II there appears the data path "a:/dcim/100eos5d/62980001.422 and after pressing the release button again half there apears the next one like: a:/dcim/100eos5d/62980002.422

what is it?

how can i switch it of or avoid it?

any ideas?

best, hans!


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reset all ML settings