Where does ML live?

Started by Wynand, June 12, 2014, 10:22:07 PM

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As I understood, ML lives in the SD card and not in the camera?  I saw something very strange while trying my EOS M to boot up.  After struggling for long and using a second M's card, I could get the EOS to boot.  I then did a FULL FORMAT on the card using the EOS.  It indicated FORMATTED OK etc. but when I checked on the PC via card reader, the complete ML was still there??  Could it be that the formatting malfunctioned or was it disabled by ML?

I then booted the EOS without a card and it came up with ML still in the camera...  Is this right?

Walter Schulz

ML basicly consists of three parts
- Camera boot flag. If set it will look for a bootable card at startup.
- Bootable card
- ML files on card
Some settings are stored into cam, too.

ML provides two format options:
- Format and keep ML (default). ML files will be copied to a temp store on cam and rewritten to card after formatting.
- Format and kick ML.