EOS M - boot problem!

Started by Wynand, June 12, 2014, 05:42:21 PM

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Hope this finds you well.

I installed the Nightly 2014-06-09 on my EOS M.  It stated up and I played with ML and found it great!  After a day or so the menu (when display is touched with two fingers in M mode) changed from being "large" letters to a menu now only appearing to be very small letters.  Yesterday, the ML menu just did not come up again - it just displayed the usual notice ending with "Enjoy" but no menu to make changes etc.

I downloaded the nightly 2014-06-11 and started the complete process over.  The EOS M now does not want to boot up.  Only the start up flickering green light keeps on flickering...  Any suggestions?

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After a long struggle and using a second EOS M's card, it booted.  I installed the OEM Canon 2.02 and it seems OK.  I'll try ML again and see what happens.


In my playing around with ML (and I'm excited!!) I found that my EOS M suddenly did not want to display the ML menus any more.  When booted in M (manual) photo mode it used to display the ML menus when the screen is touched with two fingers.  This has stopped for no reason at all - it just displays the "Welcome" screen ending with "Enjoy"  So I could not change settings etc.  I removed ML, restored the OEM EOS M 2.02, then camera formatted the SD card and re-installed ML.

Same response - only got the "Welcome" screen but no ML menu!!!  Today after trying again, my hand slipped and I touched the SET dail's outer ring on the right side....  and MAGIC!  There my EOS M came alive with the ML menus!  I'm back in business!

I do not know if I posted in the right place or if this is even helpful to the forum members - it worked for me!