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Regarding 60d raw and duration
« on: June 11, 2014, 05:45:59 AM »
i'm new here.  I have my 60d where i want to install Magic Lantern.  I have some questions:

1. In order have the RAW video feature do i necessarily need to install the nightly build version on top of the stable 2.3 version?
2. So far what i've read, you can only shoot upto 1734x976 (16:9).  I use a Sandisk 16GB 45 MB/s SD card.  But is it true that in this resolution you can only shoot upto 8 sec?? Given the quality of the raw videos enabled by Magic Lantern which is simply mind blowing, i really want to adopt it.  However, having a maximum shooting duration 8 second per clip is not so practical while shooting something like short film.  Is there any solution to this problem.  Please help me out here.