Author Topic: EOS 600D video recording issue + additional questions regarding video quality  (Read 2564 times)


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Hello greatest community for hopefully saving my day  :-\

I actually purchased a canon 600D dslr some time ago and I realized that I am having some issues with video capturing.
The setup I currently use:

Eos 600D + Kit Lense + PNY SDHC Elite Performance 32 GB SD Card

I am getting some issues with flickering edges / lagging footage.
Please take in the following example a look at the edges of buildings, windows in the background etc. The video does not appear smooth at some stages, please watch it in full screen.
It was recorded with a shutterspeed of 1/50 at 25 frames per second.

Has my camera a malfunction?


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Hello greatest community for hopefully saving my day  :-\
Has my camera a malfunction?

When you play back the clip in your camera do you see the problem?
That's not a rolling shutter artifact.
It appears there is an H264 encoding/decoding issue with your editing/video application.
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