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I Need Your Help Making a Movie!
« on: May 28, 2014, 10:26:59 AM »
Hello everyone!

I realize this section of the forum is generally about showcasing your work, but I didn't know where else to put this thread.  I apologize in advance if this is not the proper place.

The Magic Lantern community has an unbelievable amount of talented cinematographers frequenting this site.  I'm hoping to tap into this amazing talent pool and ask for your help with a fun (and easy) project this weekend.

Every summer for the past 9 years, my friends and I have competed in a 48 hour film contest here in St. Louis.  The goal of the contest is to create a short (4-7 minute) movie in just two days.  We are given a random genre, prop, character, and line of dialogue that we must use.

We've won the Audience Choice Award every year since 2007, and last year we won Best Film for the first time (out of 50+ teams)!  Here's our winning video:

And my favorite we've ever made was from 2011 - we decided to make a musical no matter what genre we actually drew:

This year, we need your help!  Our goal is to make the most geographically diverse movie possible.  This means if you live somewhere outside of St. Louis, we'd like to have you film something for the movie!

The date of the contest is Saturday, May 31 - this weekend!  :)

We are looking for easy and simple contributions, we estimate the shots would take less than 30 minutes to film once you're at the location.  Current ideas we have involve a scenic or iconic location near you, such as:

 -city skylines
 -interesting landscapes

Examples of shots we might need (probably only one or two from this list):

 -static shot of the location
 -out the window of your car as you drive
 -saying a short line to the camera in front of the landmark
 -holding the required prop (usually a common household item)

If you're interested and would like to participate, here's what to do:

1. Reply to this thread by filling this out so we can get an idea of how you can help, for example:

City: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Location(s) I Can Film: The Arch (monument), Mississippi River, St. Louis skyline, farmland, forests
Video Equipment: DSLR, iPhone

2.  Please print and fill out this form agreeing to let us use your footage in the movie:

(Please fill in the date as 5/31/14)

Please print and fill out this form if you're filming on private property, even if it's your own property (house, business, etc).  If it's not your property, please have the owner or someone in authority sign it.  Public spaces, streets, sidewalks, parks, etc. do not require this form:

(Please fill in the date as 5/31/14)

3.  After you've filled out the form(s), scan it (or take a picture of it) and email it to by Saturday, May 31st at 11:59 PM Central Time (GMT-5).

Note: We can't use any footage unless we've received the form(s)!

4.  On Friday night, May 30 at 10 PM Central time (GMT-5), come back here and check this thread.  We will have finished the script and I will post what kind of shots we are looking for (static, panning, handheld, etc.) and what prop you need to bring to the shoot (usually a common household item).

5.  As soon as you've checked back here on Friday, feel free to grab your camera and your prop and start shooting!  We would prefer daytime shoots if possible.  Please film in 1080p 29.97 fps - any DSLR is fine.  If you don't have your DSLR available, you can even film with your smartphone if it shoots HD.  It really shouldn't take much more than 20-30 minutes once you've arrived at your location.  Easy!

6.  At the end of the shoot, we would like you to pose for a picture with everyone that was involved with your shoot in front of whatever you just filmed (selfies are fine!).  Please display the prop prominently in the photo as this will authenticate the footage as being shot that weekend.

7.  After you're all done shooting, please upload the footage and picture you took to a file hosting site (Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, WeTransfer, etc.)  When uploading is complete, send a link of the files to by Saturday, May 31st at 11:59 PM Central Time (GMT-5).

And that's it!

So in the end we'll need 1) footage of the locaton, 2) picture of you and the prop at the location, and 3) the form(s) you filled out.  Simple!

There is a disclaimer, which is that depending on how editing goes, we might not be able to use everyone's footage.  We hope that won't be the case, our goal is to include everyone that wants to sign up and make it as global as possible!

So maybe you have a bit of spare time on Saturday (May 31), or perhaps you happen to be on vacation somewhere cool.  Just shoot some video on your camera or phone around town and send it to us!  The more participants we have, the cooler the video will be. 

I'm really looking forward to this, and I hope you'll join us!  Thanks!  :)


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Re: I Need Your Help Making a Movie!
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 11:14:55 PM »
The film contest is only two days away, and we would love to have your help!

It will be really easy, I promise.  I know there are film makers all over the world that will be reading this, and it would only take about 20-30 minutes of your time.

All we need is two shots - a static shot and another one where you pan the camera back and forth like you're looking around.  That's it!  It can be of anything outside near you, even your neighborhood.

Then you'll just upload the footage and send us a link.  Easy!

Please post here if you are interested in helping, it would really add a lot to our movie!

Thank you!