Author Topic: 550d / T2i Heat and sensor pattens.  (Read 1979 times)


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550d / T2i Heat and sensor pattens.
« on: August 01, 2014, 05:10:43 PM »
Hi all, not a magic lantern problem persay, but magic lantern has really helped me troubleshoot it.

Has anybody else got a 550D / T2I  a little warm and seen flashes of interference or noise across the frame?  It flashes across the frame for 2-3 frames at a time making the shot unusable. Always across the frame horizontally and always in the same place.

I see this when the camera is warm but often before the red thermometer warning, it seems to occur from ISO 800 up but I may have seen it at pushed 400.

I'll go through my projects and see if I can find an example to post.

We often have the 550d as a B or C cam to 7Ds at work, and i've often got it as my A cam. This happens well before the 7Ds start to even sweat obviously. I've never see a 7D do it.

Its been happening however the camera is setup, standard, gripped, ac adapter, ML RC, ML Nightly, no ML. So it appears to be something it does. Has anyone seen it, I'm interested to see if guys in hot places are plagued by it. It drives me mad and i'm in the normally mild UK.