5D MARK III - Weird CF Card Problem

Started by SlightlyDum, May 31, 2014, 08:31:29 PM

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So tonight, I popped in my sanDisk 64gb CF card into my camera, turn it on and nothing happen. Took it out, popped out the battery and repeat. Nothing Happen.

Popped out the battery and format the card on my macbook pro. Put the battery back, popped in the CF card and now the camera is saying "card cannot be accessed...format card (something like that)" So i format the card in the camera and everything works fine... except no magic lantern.

Took out the CF card to install magic lantern on my Macbook and now my Macbook is saying, "card cannot be read." So I used disk utility to format it, copied the magic lantern files onto it but when i put it into my Mark III, its saying, "card cannot be accessed."

So I formatted in camera and stated working fine but of course without magic lantern. So I popped it into my macbook and my macbook is saying the same thing, "cannot read card, Format..etc"  So i format it but did not put Magic Lantern files on it this time and put it into my camera and same thing "card cannot be accessed"

Its a horrible cycle.... I bought the 64gb sandisk umda7 extreme pro 160mb/s  for RAW video. 

Can someone shine some light on this situation? I've been using magic lantern from when it first came out for the t2i, so i'm pretty familiar with the bugs and other random things about it but this is something completely strange.


Put ML on an SD card.
Format the CF as ExFAT on your Mac.

Try that..