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Started by kontrakatze, May 21, 2014, 08:18:36 AM

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I would like to use global draw in conjunction with mlv_raw, mlv_snd and the RAW histobar. But the display of soundlevels leaves no place for the histobar. As I don't need the audiolevel display (audio recording is just meant for syncing with an external recorder later on), is there a possibility to hide the leveldisplay to make place for the histobar?

Or in general, can I choose wich information gets shown on the display for each item? That would be great.



If you turn off sound, or if you press the shutter halfway, the audio meters will disappear. You can't customize the bars yet.

Another option is to use the full histogram, which stays outside the info bars.


The full histogram is an option, but for me (as I'm farsightet, or have prebiopty) the ettr hint is hard to read. Maybe a customizable display would be a nice feature later on.