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About ye like from Carlisle
« on: May 14, 2014, 09:10:11 PM »
Hi all

Finally decided it's about time to "officially" join the ML community.

I have been using ML for about 4 years now - started way-back-when with the 550d stuff.

I've done various video and photographic projects over the years - more photography probably, however I'm going back to video with a vengeance based upon the ever progressive 5D RAW video opportunities made available through the wisdom of the ML developers.

Recently I have managed to get everything I ever wanted in terms of kit - 2 x 5D2's (no 5D3's here thankyou very much), a good selection of IS lenses, Steadicam, Dolly and a Jib. And not forgetting a recent nightly build of MLV  ;)

So, there it is. BTW I am a secondary IT teacher by trade and regularly go on rants to my kids about the technology that big multi-nationals don't want you to know about.

Some of the bright kids can even spell Magic Lantern correctly too.

Looking forward to communicating with some of you folks and picking your brains.


Some Canon stuff and some other stuff too. You can't polish a turd but shit does wipe off.