New RAWMagic is out!!!

Started by Midphase, May 14, 2014, 07:01:33 AM

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Big news, the new RAWMagic 1.1 is officially out. The new version supports both MLV and Raw, and creates CDNG files which look flawless in Premiere Pro.

I still feel that RAWMagic is the single best solution for Mac based post processing of ML raw, I've been waiting for this update for a while now and it's finally out. Thomas has figured out something that others have not and all of the CDNG files look exactly the way they should in Premiere Pro, the audio syncs properly and is imported correctly in Premiere and Resolve.

Best of all, I think the price is very reasonable...this is a big game changer for many of us! Let's show Thomas some support, grab it here:



i will buy it as soon as it gets dual iso raw video support, that would give it the edge against other solutions.



Just did a quick test.

Canon 5DMk3 ML latest nightly build (set to RAW, ML Digital ISO set to -0.3EV and Highlight Tone Protection ON)
RAWMagic 1.1 to DNG
Resolve 10 (RAW settings: BMD Film with BDM Film to Cinelog 2.0 Input LUT and Cinelog 2.0 to Log C Monitor LUT)

Converted the same shot with RAWMagic in 14bit and 16bit.  There is no difference visually (or scopes).  I know that you only get what the camera gives.  16bit is the same information inside a bigger space.  I'm just curious what the advantages are to converting to 16bit because  there is a difference in file size of course.

RAWMagic is "THE" RAW converter of choice for me.  Love how simple and quick it is.  Thanks guys.