Author Topic: focus peaking marks appear in dng files converted from raw video 6D  (Read 1929 times)


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I took a few raw video shots today and after exporting the raw files to dng the files appear to have the focus peaking points baked in to the dng files. There are red, green and purple points but they don't appear to be correctly positioned if they were signifying focus.


I have a few shots from a few days previous which do not have the same issue when converted to dng files so I am wondering what could could have altered. These look great.

On both occasions I was using a canon 6d, firmware version 1.1.3, nightly build April 30.6D113

Keen to hear of a solution or if I have overlooked a simple menu selection or config step.




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These are hot/stuck pixels, not the focus peaking dots, and are from the sensor itself (there's a reason it's called 'raw'). Search the forum for information on how to remove them.


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Can you upload a DNG? If possible, it should be converted with raw2dng or mlv_dump.