Want to test an HDR post-processing tool for Final Cut Pro X?

Started by alex4d, July 03, 2012, 06:35:08 PM

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Some of you may know my prototype HDR tool for Final Cut Pro X that I uploaded back in January. It automates some of the post-processing workflow. Using the tool, you can control how the second of each frame pair is composited on top of the first. You can control the opacity curve (select which parts of the frame are overlaid based on their brightness) and gamma/levels of the overlaid frame.

For more information, instructions, demo video and download link, go to

Since then I've worked on a much more flexible tool.

Given that
1. I haven't updated my 5D2
2. I have no experience of coming up with different HDR recipes (depending on different kinds of shot)
3. I know a lot about creating Final Cut Pro X effects (50+ so far)

...I was wondering if anyone would like to help test my effect?

The beta version only works with 29.97fps source footage, producing a clip that effective plays at 14.99fps. Eventually I'll create versions for other frame rates once I'm happy with this version.

Proposed new features:
1. Choose whether underexposed frames are overlaid on top of overexposed frames or vice versa
2. Different transfer modes for under- and over- frames - such as lighten, darken, overlay, etc.
3. The ability to show under- and over- frames before and after blending is applied.

A few 2-3 sec sample videos would be helpful, as well as some suggestions of settings combinations for different lighting conditions (streets at night, dark room with bright window etc.).

If you're interested in getting a beta copy please send me an email: ml at alex4d.com

Alex Gollner


Hey Alex,


I'd like to try but I don't have a MAC.
Instead I can provide you with plenty test footage

This is one I shot last week.


Hi Alex,

I made a wiki for the 3rd party software where you can present and maintain your software.


I tried this with my 5d mark ii with both 24fps and 30 fps, however the end result always seems to have ghosting and the footage is unusable.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Do you have this tool also for Final Cut Pro 7 or could you modify it?
Still Pro X is not realy used in the professional film editing scene. We still work with the older version and think about what to do - other companies already changed over to premiere or whatever - are you pleased with Pro X?
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