Nine hour battery life for DSLR

Started by garry23, May 03, 2014, 02:51:41 PM

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I know some of you ML videographers need extended battery life, also us still photographers who use LV more with ML also need more battery life.

Could this be your answers?


Very cool idea, I saw it last week! Good find.


battery life when using ML is big issue for just drains the LP E6 so fast. Most of the times i cant use battery grip coz it doesnt fit in the followfocus on extended daily shooting i need around 10 batteries. Im gonna look into those external battery packs, although im a bit worried powering up my 5d3 that way.
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Quote from: pv25pv on May 03, 2014, 09:31:00 PMIm gonna look into those external battery packs, although im a bit worried powering up my 5d3 that way.

Well, you are not alone with that worries...


Very important find,

For shooting raw in pro set this thing can help a lot.

Big question is - Is this device is going to destroy my camera?
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Why are you worried about powering a device with a 7-9V source?

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Some people may not even start to think about counterfeited batteries, how wide-spreaded they are and the things those actually can do to their cams.


I don't imagine it would be hard to make your own, with reputable batteries, and being handy with a soldering iron.


I use extended for double batteries, Phottix, Made in China... so it's not expensive.
Here is the interesting things :
- Some already noted, the heat of batteries less influence to the camera, camera become less hot, less error for a reason of hot.
- In one pack, there is a bonus : second cartridge for 6 x AA batteries, it's useful if in the remote area/little town where we can not find LP battery, we can use also 6 rechargeable batteries but it's not good result. Much more for emergency situation with 6 alkaline batteries it's work very well.
- After a while, I modified this cartridge. I soldered a cable going outside from this block, I put a XLR 4 points connector as a common on the bigger camera, and I can use many different power supplies.

There are many circuit for these pins and NO common agreement between different camera (SONY, etc). So, I compare between many marks, which are the common. I use 2 points for the EOS camera itself, 9 volt. The others two for 12 volts, which very common in car or anything else.
I make converter from 12 volts or above to 9 volt, so I can recycle many source of power supply.
Now I can use :
- Power supply 9 volt from the old printer, for time lapse.
- With converter, I can use old batteries from SONY broadcast camera; in the SONY big camera will last 20 minutes, in DSLR can be 3 hours. The cheap battery is for the drilling machine, which bigger than LP battery, more power, less price, or recycle from the similar tools.
- I can use also the old big accu from the car (the new will be 40 Amp), I used already many times, many days for time lapse and still a lots power rest there :) :).  I put on the roof. I use also little accu which more common on motorcycle. It's less heavy. 
- I can use also the charger for battery, either 9 volt or 12 volt a kind for Anton-Bauer battery big camera, for long indoor interview, that's look clean.
- The reason using XLR 4 points connector is because for security and reliability. It's less risk if someone without knowledge of electronics help me. Just plug.  Another reason is I have some long cable XLR-XLR 4 points already, and some power supply from SONY.

I hope this give some idea for you who like soldering. Greetings.



Still, this guy from OP link is messing up things. Canon batteries has about (in my case, LP-E8) 1120mAh. This power bank has 10000mAh. 9x better, right?
Well, not. Canon batteries are 8.1Wh (7.2Vx1.12Ah) while this power bank has 37Wh (3,7Vx10Ah). So it's equivalent of "only" 4.56 Canon batteries. Oh, and energy (small amount, but still) is lost also on conversion from 3.7V to 9V. So this is getting close to having grip, and 4 batteries used two-at-once. Without external cabling.

@pilgrim - could you share with us type of this batteries from Sony cameras?
Too many Canon cameras.
If you have a dead R or RP mainboard (e.g. after camera repair) and want to donate for experiments, I'll cover shipping costs.


Well if someone wants to enhance battery life i suggest this option:

I used it with Nikon and Nex3. Works perfectly :)


Lanparte makes power supply plates as well that take V-mount or Anton/Bauer gold mount
batteries on one side and offer 5V / 7,2V / 12V and D-tap plugs on the other side.
Plug a battery dummy into the 7,2V port and you have 100 Wh power for the camera.
The 12V port can power most external monitors, the 5V port can power anything that
needs USB power.

Yes, all these share the 100 Wh when you plug them all.


sorry for the bump but don't want to create a new thread for a single question.

would this work with my 5v power bank to get 7v? is it safe?

please answer! thank you

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Just take really care if you plug your Canon on a more than 12V, it destroy your mother board.

It append to me, with my Canon 5D mark3 when I made a mistake and plug it on a Lamparte V-Lock Battery ont he 15V output instead of 8V.
Camera dead.

500€ to change the mother board.

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