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Started by matthewt, May 01, 2014, 08:19:53 AM

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Hey there,

Just doing some research for a Music Video project and a few questions with regards to using ML and RAW for commercial use on a 5D Mk III. I have done a fair bit of looking around but have struggled to find clear up-to-date answers - any advice would be tops.

Is it stable to use the latest nightly (Apr 29 approx) ML build for 5D Mk.III running the updated 1.2.3 firmware? Is there a 'most stable' recent build? Is it stable enough for commercial use or should I downgrade to 1.1.3?
If 1.1.3 - which is the most stable build? Is there a build that has simple installation like the current ML 1.2.3 installation.
I have read a lot about RAW vs MLV here. Is there a definitive winner/difference other than MLV being self contained and allowing simultaneous Video + Audio recording for guide tracks? Whats the recommendation?
How long can you realistically record for without drop frames/other issues in RAW? Would you be capable of doing takes of 2min+ in length?
Is formatting in disk utility to ExFat the best way to handle the file spanning / card performance issue?
What about applying a LUT in camera to the RAW footage. Is there a simple way to do this? Or something similar to shooting in a cinestyle or VisionTech colour profile for RAW/ML as opposed to .h264
Can you playback your RAW rushes in camera?
Is 1.2.3 / 1.1.3 ML compatible with the Small HD ac7 monitor?
Can you get HDMI split out for client monitoring?

Oh and any advice for workflow? We're shooting 25p in 2.40 (1920x800) thinking of going for something like this:

.RAW out of camera > RAWMagic to convert to .cDNG > Lightroom for a basic RAW touchup and denoise (apply c-log like curve) > export out as .tif > take image sequence into Davinci Resolve to grade > export as .mov ProRes444 file > Premier Pro to edit > Out as .mov ProRes 422 (HQ) for client and .mov .h264 for web.

Will Davinci accept the .tiff image sequence, or should we use something like Media Encoder to turn the image sequence into a .mov ProRes 444 file? Will we lose the benefit of working with the RAW footage?

Will be doing some testing over the next couple of days and will post what I work out. Again, any advice/guidance would be killer! Thanks everyone for making this possible. DREAMZ.

ted ramasola

5DmkII  / 7D