Author Topic: 5d Mark iii RAW Lexar 16gb  (Read 1728 times)


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5d Mark iii RAW Lexar 16gb
« on: April 24, 2014, 10:10:13 AM »

I'm new to using Magic Lantern and the forum. I am experimenting with Raw video and did a quick search on which CF Cards. I picked the Lexar 1000x 16gb because it was easy available and Lexar should be reliable.

But i can't figure out how to continuos record 1080p @25fps. I starts dropping frames after +- 10sec. My 5d mark iii raw setting:

Resolution: 1920*1080
Aspect: 16:9
Global Draw: Off
Extra Hacks: On
Fix black leve: Off

The in camera benchmark says:
Write: 63.5 mb/s      
Read: 95 mb/s

1920*1080 in raw needs 86.4 mb/s write speed so this could be the cause. But

When putting the CF Card in the Lexar usb 3.0 reader and connect it the a new Mac Pro i get faster speeds with the blackmagic speed tester.
Write: 88mb/s
Read: 126mb/s

I contacted lexar and they said the problem was my cheap usb 2.0 which didn't support UDMA 7. So i bought the lexar 3.0 dock but it didn't make a difference. i Tried both formatting in camera and formatting on the mac.

Any suggestion? Or just get a new card?