Author Topic: Quickly reset settings while jumping between filming/photography, new scenes  (Read 2735 times)


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When shooting films, I set camera to all manual mode, and set custom ISO, WB, Cinestyle profile etc.

If after that I'm taking a picture in a new environment (e.g. in Av mode), I find myself changing multiple settings to auto, exposure compensation to 0 EV, and changing picture profile back. If something's wrong, I can then take control, tweak settings, or develop RAW later.

I know I could jump the wheel to green "AUTO", but I would like to take advantage of semi-automatic modes (Tv, Av, P).

It would be useful when shooting in new environment - imagine you're taking your camera out of your bag, press a button, and start with a "clean sheet" of settings you can tweak if needed :)

Is this possible?
Can I write a script to do that? Is it possible to code something like:
set_kelvin(AUTO); ?


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Is this possible?

Most things are possible except changing modes (like Av->Tv) w/o turning the wheel as this might brick the camera. However, your request is not specific enough for me to really reply to, what camera are you on, detailed scenario of what you do manually and want to automate? Usually for saving settings a C mode is used which you can register as semi-auto.


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Thank you for the answers. Unfortunately Config presets works for "any kind of settings except Canon ones", otherwise that would be it!

Marsu42, I'm on 700D.

Simple use case:
1. Go to M to shoot a movie. Set Cinestyle profile, custom ISO & WB.
2. Shooting is done, turn off the camera.
3. Go to a new place. Realize you want to make a quick portrait picture.
4. Change to Av and turn on the camera.
5. This step I would like to automate, let's call it "reset":
- set automatic ISO, automatic WB, Auto picture style (instead of Cinestyle)
- set exposure compensation to 0 EV

Ideally this "reset" could be accessed also by pre-set button, or something like pressing Menu twice quickly?


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I would like it to set Image quality to raw when Im in photo mode and change to - & Small JPG when in movie mode (to free buffer for the raw-filming. However, ideally I would like to not have to think about it (if there was no performance difference).