ML icons (as emoticons?) in forums

Started by ItsMeLenny, April 19, 2014, 06:15:22 AM

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It'd be helpful for explaining menus and such to people if there was some sort of Magic Lantern emoticons in the forums here.
Either emoticons or some other way to embed standard (small) images (that would be hosted on ML) with a click of a button (not with the img tag).
These icons would consist of (but also not limited to):
- a small ML camera icon
- the menu icons (audio, expo, overlay, movie, shoot, focus, display, prefs, modules, debug, help, modified)
- the green and greyed out squares and circles (enabled and disabled icon indicators) (and any other type of indicator)
- any other popular ML or menu icons



If you guys can extract them in JPG format I'll try and make some custom emoticons out of them
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I though the icons already existed as images somewhere.

But I can do this (I'll also do it as png).


Here they are in PNG.
A couple of things;
- the emoticons that are already here are gifs.
- also some of these pngs contain transparencies (so can they be used instead of jpeg)
- for aesthetic purposes they should be centered vertically to the text

This is a folder of all of them so one can look at them without having to download:

And then this is the zip file: