Canon 6D 10bit 60fps RAW Video - Colour and Aliasing Issues

Started by PlantDaniel, October 06, 2017, 07:13:21 PM

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I have issues with my 6D recording 10 bit 60fps RAW Video.
Since 10 bit raw was released recently I wanted to see if I could get some nice slow motion footage, now that I am able to record for more than just a few seconds. I ran into two problems:

1. Extreme Aliasing: I have only shot 24fps RAW on a 70D before, which had pretty crippling aliasing already. The 6D tops it though - I don't know whether that is a known issue of the 6D or if it is due to the stretching I have to apply in post when working with Slow Motion footage. Anyways - any suggestions on how to decrease aliasing (in camera or in post)?

2. Weird Colour Artifacts: In Landscape shots, where a lot of the scene is in focus, I get weird colour lines of purple/blue and orange colour in my image. They seem to be only present in the area where the focus sits. Is that a known issue, if so: What can I do about it?

Here is a video showcasing the problems, pay attention to the structure of the rock, where the focus sits:

I am using the 10 bit/12 bit nightly build fro Aug21 2017.

Post processing was as follows: Convert MLV to DNG via raw2cdng 1.7.9 - import into Davinci Resolve 14. No colour correction was added, the clip was slowed down to 24fps in post. Resolve is not the issue - I have rendered it with After Effects too, same problems.

viral kapadia

here is image I convert. i used 6D. shoot on 10bit.

I dont know what is problem

can anyone help me to resolve it. what are the best settings?

Walter Schulz

Build used?
Cam settings used?
Postprocessing workflow?
Unprocessed samples?


Without further info my best guess would be wrong(too old) MLV converter software.
10 bit is rather new and not all MLV converter options can handle it properly.
And I believe this also happens if cold pixel fix is used in the converter/MLVdump

The MLV format is about 4 years old.
The 10 and 12 bit options came available 1 year ago.
Not all MLV converters out there can handle the 10/12 bit files.

Try using MLV dump, newest builds are available on the experiments page in the section with 4K raw video recording; lossless compression.
If you're already using MLV dump, don't use cold pixel fix and stripe adding this in your command line --no-fixcp --no-stripes

So nothing wrong with your MLV files, but it goes wrong in the conversion step.