Where do I find the "old" 7d ML Versin

Started by [email protected], March 29, 2014, 01:16:24 AM

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[email protected]

I've been looking for a really long time for the old eos 7D Magic Lantern firmeware.
I'm a bit scard of the alpha versions, so I want to use the old one. Its enough for me.
It would be nice if you could help me.

thanks  :)

Walter Schulz

I'm wondering which clues let you to the conclusion an old version might be more stable or more mature than the current one.
I think you will not find anyone backing up your opinion.
And ML is not firmware. It's quite like a program running on your computer.



Old builds are more likely to contain bugs, which have since been fixed.

Keep an eye on this thread: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9848.0

If you don't see people reporting show stopper bugs, then it's fairly safe to assume, that the current release, is relatively bug free.

[email protected]

WOW thanks for the verry fast answers :-)

I know that it's like a program.
But I worked up to now  with a Magic Lantern Version for the 7d which i needn't install (I lost my cf card - so it's gone:( ). I mean, that I alwas have to klick on "Firmeware Version" and than the magic lantern Software "stars" after a reboot. Do you konw what I mean?

But If you say the new version is quite better than has got hardy bugs, I will Install the new one.  :)

Thanks for your help