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Started by ted ramasola, March 27, 2014, 08:34:06 AM

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Quote from: Walter Schulz on April 05, 2020, 02:23:29 PM
Wait a moment! H.264 29:59 limit doesn't apply anymore? If true: What about other cams?

You're right but. You can stop the recording beetween two songs and restart the recording. With raw you have to change the CFCard and for 2Hours you need four 128GBCF, it starts to be expensive. But maybe it is possible to unlock the duration limitation with ML?


The point here is not in the duration limitation, because it's may be covered by using multiple cameras each of them starts shooting at different time. Let's also suppose that we have as many CFs for each camera as would be enough for recording a 2-hour event. So, at the time when we're changing a CF at cam no. 1,  cam no. 2 continues shooting, so that we could use the video from cams no. 2 and no. 3.

The point here is - will 5D Mk II and CF overheat during continuos work?

By the way: is there SD_UHS support for 5D Mk II?

H.264 is much worse in quality than the RAW.
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Quote from: Wlad81 on April 05, 2020, 08:58:37 PM
. .......  will 5D Mk II and CF overheat during continuos work?
Short answer ; No
The thermal overload is around 75-80°C if I remember correctly (when the camera shut down to protect itself)
When I do development on the 5d2 (crop_rec & others thing) I stress the cam to it's limits
with liveview  manipulations to a point where the camera no longer response 68°C & above  ::)
But the normal operating range in 10bit HD (1856x1044 @ 23.976fps with "kill liveview on recording start" enabled)
35 -55°C (depended on the temperature of your environment e.g. +20°C or -10°C)
I wouldn't be alarmed it the temperature increased to 65-68°C (still safe but may see a few hot pixels or more noise then usual)
FYI ; the new 48fps (1856x774) preset in the crop_rec reaches up 63-68°C as normal temperature operating range .

If you do use h264 , there is a "Movie Restart" Option , drops 1-2 seconds before it starts again , but they can be offset by staggering the start
of multiple cameras . If you do this option , I would recommend setting the h264 bitrate to 1.4 (if the card is fast enough) 65Mb/s to 90Mb/s (depending on  camera picture style profile)
High contrast scene will have higher data rate then low contrast scene (50-75Mb/s) If you use "Technicolor CineStyle" Profile the max data rate is around 55-60MB/s
but that a log profile , if you choose standard of neutral profile the data rate will be high.

The other option that you can use is the HDMI Signal , It's a 8bit 4.2.2 60i/24p uncompressed (1.5Gb/s 1500MB/s data rate) Next best thing to Raw Video.
True that is not full 1920x1080p (1650x1080) but is scales pretty nicely , I've used it on a few news stories a few years ago , I have a old (1st gen) atomos ninja hard drive recorder
Thou it not longer available any more I've seen the Atomos-Ninja-2 is out there and cheap too , this one is $115.00 (usd)
HDMI Uncompressed(1.5Gb/s) really come very close to raw video , after I graded it a lot of people couldn't tell the difference .

Quote from: Wlad81 on April 05, 2020, 08:58:37 PM
By the way: is there SD_UHS support for 5D Mk II?
No , because it a CF card not a SD .
All that "SD_UHS" is just unlocking the firmware on the camera with SD card (d5 cam only)
on the 5d3 , SD card chip is a SDR104 & on the other d5 camera it's SDR50 .
So what is this ?
Canon in all there wisdom decided to lock the SD card bus to "High Speed" 25MB/s v1.10
If thou it has UHS- I chip v3.01
50MB/s  (SDR50, DDR50) 
104MB/s (SDR104)

What about 5D2 & 50D ?
will there is two option open to them , Lossless compression (I'm working on it) & CF Card Bus over clocking (just started to investigate this)
a1ex had did some test a long time ago on 5d2 and had the CF card overclock for faster write speed.
So if Lossless works on the 5d2 as the 5d3 14bit lossless data rate will be reduce by 40-50 % so a 128GB card could hold up to 70mins at 1856x928 2:1 A.R.



Quote from: reddeercity on April 06, 2020, 02:16:33 AM
a1ex had did some test a long time ago on 5d2 and had the CF card overclock for faster write speed.
It seems, there was a little problem with overclocking. Please, be cautious.


Hi. I hope I'm able to get some help here. I installed


For the life of me I can't get the audio monitors to show up in Live view. I can see the meters at the bottom when I'm in the audio tab but that's it. There isn't an option to turn on audio meters like I've seen on YouTube. Is there something I'm missing or should I download a different build? If so, which one and where do I find the link.

This is pretty much the only reason I'd like to use ML. 

My canon firmware is up to date

Thanks so much

Walter Schulz

You toggled liveview screens and other overlays are visible?


Walter Schulz

Post a snapshot of your ML screen.


Sorry, I don't seem to have an attachment option.
But I've uploaded them to my site. Here's the link:

Walter Schulz

I cannot see any overlay in 3rd pic from the left. And it doesn't look like movie mode.
Reset ML to default settings or re-enable Global draw and retry.


That worked!

By the way Walt, thanks for helping me out.


I'm trying to do a time-lapse 3fps and have tried different resolutions but all I can record is just 3 seconds then it stoppes. I have nightly build 2.1.2. Anyone knows what to do?!

Walter Schulz


I noticed that fps override works differently on 5DII and on CANON M, with M when you set it to exact fps 23.976 then synchonisation with power frequency ( waves from lights on footage) are at different shutter speeds depending what setting you will choose.
ON M synchronised shutter that removes waves on footage from power frequency in PAL country is :
fps override OFF - shutter 50
fps overr on  - low light - shutter 47 ( fine tuning +1.36 from 50 )
fps overr on  - exact fps - shutter 45
fps overr on - high fps - shutter 47 ( fine tuning +1.36 from 50)
fps overr on - high jello - shutter 47 ( fine tuning +1.36 from 50)

But on 5D, all FPS override settings are kinda the same, they all are syncronised with power freq at shutter 50, with fps ON and OFF.
Is there any way to make it like on Canon M ? Especially Exact FPS setting is interesting because it gives different motion blur, it looks different than all other ones and it looks more natural, less stuttery.
I wanted to get similar motion blur on 5D2 but i cant, its FPS override works differently, Is there even a way to make it work similar to Canon M ? So its syncronized with power freq on shutter 45 when its exact fps ?
I did some tests comparing motion blur from different shutters and fps settings on Canon M and exact fps is really special mode, im not sure whats happening under the hood there but i would really like to have it on 5D2, if there is something in the sourcecode that would let me to make it similar to canon M id like to know, i edited some parts of the sourcecode and would like to try to tinker with this as well.
Im just not sure if fps override is controllable in any way to make both cameras behave identical and produce identical motion blur, or its controlled by the hardware which makes 5d2 and M different so fps override settings on both cameras cant really be matched.

I see that on canon M , that best FPS override setting has rolling shutter value at 18.8 miliseconds according to whats in fps override menu and all other modes (high fps, high jello etc )have 17.8 miliseconds.Can i get even higher than 18.8 while maintaining 23.976 fps ? By editing the source code ? Why ? BEcause i want to test if it will give me even better motion blur, all the ones with less miliseconds give me that normal canon stuttery motion blur.But theres also this thing that i have to set shutter speed at 41 to get nice 180 degree motion blur, and you cant get it with any other modes than exact fps.

On 5D2 rolling shutter values in fps override menu are : 23.0 miliseconds for high fps and for all other modes is 23.0 miliseconds, so its very different from canon M. Can i get them to be 18.8 like on M ?


short answer no
your comparing apple to orange's (D4 to D5 camera)
the 5d2 sensor runs at 24hz & the m runs at 32hz and is smaller sensor so less rolling shutter(less pixels) .
the M needs more control over the sensor to get 24fps@1/48th in which it never does (1/45th)
the 5d2 get 24fps @ 1/48th without having to use "PowerSaveTiming registers" , the 5d2 uses just the A & B Timers .

if you what to adjust the shutter & or fps just play with the A & B Timer submenu .
I have no problem the way the 5d2 Frame Override works & I don't plan to change it to work like the M ,
but by all means go ahead and dig in to the code if you like , be careful thou as you could soft break you camera !   


Thanks for explanation, so what part of the code in the source is responsible for making rolling shutter miliseconds value higher or lower ?
What youre sayint about M and 24fps 1/48 is that it actually syncs at 1/50 like 5D2 but when enabling fps override this is changed and 50 is no longer syncing with power  PAL freq.
I tried to change A and B on 5D2 but it hardly is changing rolling shutter miliseconds value, i suspect that value is responsible for motion blur looking different. Id like to push it to lower or higher values then evaluate how it looks like, but i just have to know where to adjust it in the source code.
Tinkering with rolling shutter value is really that dangerous ? I tinkered with soruce code and screen offset in crop modes getting scrambled previews trying to get correct framing for 3x zoom and having to resteart camera multiple times.Nothing bad happened.
If i understand it correctluy - M runs at30 so by using powersavetiming regs it runs at 24 in fps override and because of that you get less rolling shutter ? So theres practically no way to do the same thing on 5D2  cause it already runs at 24 ?

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Are you asking if it will let you record via the CF slot at a speed higher than CF cards support, because some SD cards support faster speeds?  If so, almost certainly not - it will be limited by the speed of the camera bus for writing to CF.

If you happen to have a bunch of large SD cards and only small CF cards, then it might help you.  It's probably slower than CF even if the SD card supports higher, since it likely doesn't support fancy SD modes.  Maybe not.  Only $15 to find out.

EDIT: the picture of the back of the package states the max speed is 25MB/s.

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Shoot. I missed that on the back! Definitely won't be good for raw video then.
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AVOID! I had one of these, dont go that cheap on 5D2 with cards, you will regret it, it worked but very slow with these adapters, much slower than regular CF cards ,RAW is ouf of the question and overall its a waste of time and a few bucks.

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Thanks all for the tips! So I have been using the Magic Lantern RAW Calculator and I will be purchasing the 5d2 soon!

I see down the page that there is a "Resolution Increment." I will be shooting full frame (1.0x) mostly, and I see that if I select "8px" under the "Resolution Increment," I get the full width binned by 3 at 1880px wide. Whereas if I select "16px" I get 1872px wide.

Can somebody explain a little more about what "Resolution Increment" is, and how it affects the image?

Is 1856px wide the highest res available in full frame mode?
Canon 5D Mark II, Mac/OSX


Resolution increment is 32 in magic lantern on most cameras.

I only put that setting in rawcalaulator to simulate 5D2 builds that allow 1872 and 1880 width.

+ 1880 width is not necessary, it has an 8 pixel black bar so you only get 1872 pixels anyway (maybe I'm wrong about exact numbers, but pretty sure there's a black bar)


1856x1044 is 16:9 , you cant get wider than 1856 without going into crop mode .


I believe the 10/12 bit builds allow you to go a little wider than 1856 in mlv_lite


Quote from: ilia3101 on June 15, 2020, 01:28:00 PM
Resolution increment is 32 in magic lantern on most cameras.

I only put that setting in rawcalaulator to simulate 5D2 builds that allow 1872 and 1880 width.

+ 1880 width is not necessary, it has an 8 pixel black bar so you only get 1872 pixels anyway (maybe I'm wrong about exact numbers, but pretty sure there's a black bar)

Before Reddeer kills you,

I don't think there is a black bar in the 1880 Build. Its very old build, before unified.
once you go raw you never go back