Author Topic: Questions from a beginner (ML-wise)  (Read 1617 times)


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Questions from a beginner (ML-wise)
« on: March 24, 2014, 10:57:46 AM »
Please excuse me if I'm asking things some of you find very obvious, this forum is filled with very knowledgeable people who know seem to know almost everything surrounding the technology of videomaking and filming, so a beginner like me can find it to be a bit intimidating :)

But, I have three questions to start off with, and I am very thankfull for any help!

- When enabling Raw shooting, it automatically crops the LiveView/footage, which I understand is a feature, but is it a must? I mean, can I shoot 720p Raw video uncropped? If so, I must've missed it. I just realized I've never tried enabling 1080p Raw video, mostly because I know my CF-card won't handle it.

- I've tried to find a good workflow that doesn't take too much time - I've tried the Raw extracted to DNG frames, adjusted them in CameraRAW, imported to After Effects and then exported from there. But I feel as if this takes a bit too much time, and at this point I really dont NEED to export everything to DNG frames etc. Also, I do all my editing in Premiere CC, not After Effects (and Premiere didn't like importing all the DNG frames like AE).

So I've tried Raw to Cineform 444, which is quick and easy - but I'm just wondering, is this a good alternative? I understand it's a compressed format, but is this still better than the standard h.264 .mov? Meaning, does it retain more dynamic range, sharpness and overall image quality? I mean I understand that it probably does, but I have no idea how much, in a purely objective way.

- And lastly, I have the GoPro Cineform Studio Premium installed, and I'm using Rawanizer - then setting the output paramters in Rawanizer, I can choose 422, 444 and raw from what I understand. The thing is, the -raw parameter produces smaller files than 444, is that correct? Seems like they should be bigger..