Capture One Pro failed to connect due to magic lantern

Started by romainmenke, August 05, 2012, 02:22:33 AM

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First topic, but really need some help here.
I really love MG on my 5DII and have been using it with capture one for the past year.
Not trouble at all.
Since the last update of C1pro however it gives an error when connecting.
No other software is affected, neither is the camera.

Even without the MG CF card it fails to work, so somehow C1pro detects that the firmware is not generic canon.
Is there a way to make it work again?
Or will I have to make a choice between perfect workflow and perfect capture.

Macbook pro 2.0 i7 16gb Ram SSD hardrive for start-up and HD for storage. Running OS X 10.8
5DII with latest MG and latest canon firmware.
Capture one 6.4.3

Thank you

Malcolm Debono

If it still doesn't work without using ML, than the problem is coming from Phase One.

A quick google search also revealed that there are more users having problems after upgrading to that version on a Mac and with a 5D2. Apparently you need to downgrade to Phase One 6.4.2.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I googled it when C1pro 6.4.3 had just come out, and then there wasn't any report on it yet.
When I posted this here I hadn't rechecked it.

I hope they fix it quickly.
In the mean time I'll keep on using .2