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Started by nchant, March 17, 2014, 03:24:32 AM

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I have used my 600D for many day-night time lapses, but now I am having a problem.

When I choose bulb ramping, it comes up with this static screen, it tries to figure out the exposures, but after 5 minutes it still does this and never starts shooting? What's happening?

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You have to set the exposure... This screen must be from your last photo. If you think that the exposure of this photo is ok, and you want to keep it the same for all your time-lapse, than you should press the set button.
Take note that the landscape can change luminosity, but your camera will keep the same exposure in your photo by varying the bulb time.
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Bulb ramping on the 600D produces some serious flickering that you will have to deal with in post.

Try the Auto-ETTR feature (on the latest of the nightly builds). A little more effort, but the results are much better.

Alternatively if you do get the bulb ramping to work without flicker please let me know!