Spring Tides on the Salt Marsh - ML Raw vs Red Epic MX

Started by andyshon, March 16, 2014, 06:24:48 PM

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Begun as a kit test, to see how our rag tag bunch of cameras, lenses and filters would grade up together, it turned into a little film about the extreme high tides we've been getting of late in the uk. There's timelapse shots from a Nikon D800, a D2X and a Canon 5D mkII, as well as video from a Red Epic MX and Magic Lantern Raw (crop mode 2K) shot on the 5D2 (a.d.s builds).

The Dee estuary is quite a challenging environment for imaging kit. It's high contrast, subtle colour, and lots of fine detail. We think the footage has all matched up pretty well..? Incredible how good the ML raw looks next to the Red footage. Yes, some of it is noticeably less detailed and smooth than the Red, downscaled to HD. But most of it isn't. Most of it matches up so well I'd challenge even the most dedicated pixel peeper to pick the difference. And the 5D3 can get 2.5K. I can see this sitting happily next to any Red/Arri footage, and probably F5/55 too, when printing to HD/2K anyway.


I very like your work. Landscapes made for DSLR... 

Scott Free

There are some stunning shots, its a really beautifully put together piece. Great Work Andy.

I grew up in Birkenhead.. as kids we used to take trips along the River Dee, so particularly interesting for me.

Thanks for sharing.