Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.2.3

Started by a1ex, March 16, 2014, 03:26:45 PM

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Quote from: Hydrazine on October 25, 2019, 06:03:23 PM
Is this card defective or am I using the wrong settings?

Had the same issue with Komputerbay 64GB 1000x. Solved by properly formating in a UDMA-7 capable reader (with USB 3.0). You can also try to low-level format inside the camera, might work.
If this doesn't work, I would assume you probably have a broken card.


Tried formatting multiple times, using both ExFAT and FAT32. Similar results each time. Low level format in camera doesn't help unfortunately. Strangely, in crystaldiskmark, the benchmark results are significantly higher, (read and write 65-70MB/s) but still not to spec. I suspect a compatibility issue with the controller is making the 5D3 not use UDMA 7 and instead some slower mode. In any case, it's going back!

Walter Schulz

I put it here ...
Found it via SLRlounge and the original blog post is linked:

Maybe a1ex can give a word or two. Minor error: 5D3 works with 166x (theoretical) as in UHS-I SDR25 mode (AFAIK).

Don't know if it's worth the effort to comment his blog entry ...


Short answer: the two card slots are independent; there are two different controllers. The presence or speed of a SD/CF card does not affect the speed of the other card. You have, feel free to prove me wrong ;)

Of course, if you enable the option to save each image to both cards (in Canon menu), the slowest card (SD) will be the bottleneck. That's expected.

Or, if you attempt to write to both cards at the same time, the memory bus appears to be the bottleneck. Can be worked around, to some extent, e.g. by disabling "unnecessary" LiveView image streams.

One more thing. Most of the time, this is a hardware limitation and can not be solved with a firmware upgrade.

It can (with sd_uhs), as the hardware appears to be the same as in other DIGIC 5 models. Maximum speed is still an open question, if you ask me, but further investigation will probably require a good logic analyzer, rather than "blind" trial and error.



hey all
hope someone can help
i have a 5d mark 3 with 1.3.6 firmware.

Is there any way i can downgrade the firmware to 1.2.3

Walter Schulz

Is there any way i can downgrade the firmware to 1.2.3
Contact Canon service


Quote from: Walter Schulz on December 16, 2019, 03:18:53 AM
Contact Canon service

No... I asked to the CPS of my city (Rome) and they told me they can't do the downgrade...

Walter Schulz


hi , I'm new to this forum and not yet Install the magic lantern, i have 2 5diii and i will Like to know please What's the best Recommended firmware And where I can download it And if it's possible  steps By Steps and If it's on YouTube It's better, The main reason As of now That I would like to install the program is for the Slow motion And I hope it can do that, Any response would be appreciated,
While ago I research If This program Can do the autofocus in video mode And I find out That it cannot,However I'm sure there's a lot  of advantage To this program Besides that

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download nightly builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation (for installation instructions) -> Notes (for which one is "better")


I have Canon 5Dm3 1.2.3 i want to use CF for videos and SD for photos. can i use CF and SD in the camera at the same time? I need to install ML to CF or SD card? How to boot from CF card, not sd?

also if i install ML to CF can i take it out and put in a CF or SD with no ML installed?

thank you for answers))  8)

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation -> Recommended card setup.
Applies to 5D3 1.2.3, too.


What's the main difference between 1.1.3 and 1.2.3?

I'm about to buy a 5d with this stimulus check since my 7D sensor is just bad.

I still want Magic Lantern and Canon photo quality.

So I'm looking really heavily into 5d mk iii.

Walter Schulz

Quote from: domo94 on May 03, 2020, 03:17:12 AM
What's the main difference between 1.1.3 and 1.2.3?

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation -> Notes -> Link to feature list and forum thread.


Ah, redundant compared to last comments.

Thanks for that.


Now a better question would be, what are the significant differences?

I do need HDMI out so I would be looking at the 1.2.3 firmware.

Is the 1.1.3 build just more robust and reliable?
Are recording performances the same between each build?

1.1.3 recommends to use this build if you consistently record with ML, which I do and intend to do if I get the 5d mk iii

Walter Schulz

Sorry, haven't you read "Notes" and first post of linked forum thread?


But it doesn't really answer my question.

I have many more.

I'm more concerned about its consistency with 60fps raw shooting.
I don't want to frame skip, I want to have true full continuous recording with sound in 10bit. I've  scouted the forum before as I was very keen on seeking the very limited info on my 7D.

I'm juggling the canon rp as an option and would possibly even try to port that if possible.

I can't keep working the way I do,  especially with the limitations I've done my very best to get around.

I seriously am having a very hard time breaking up with magic lantern.


Quote from: berechiah on December 15, 2019, 10:16:30 PM

hey all
hope someone can help
i have a 5d mark 3 with 1.3.6 firmware.

Is there any way i can downgrade the firmware to 1.2.3

Yes, this is from the ML 5D MKIII nightly Build page and it works:

Downgrading from 1.3.6 is possible, but tricky.

Whatever you do, do not remove the battery in the middle of a firmware update!


One single card required, either SD or CF, source, discussion):

copy firmware 1.3.6 (5D300136.FIR) to the card

launch Update Firmware from Canon menu, click OK

open the battery door ASAP, but don't remove the battery!

if you did it right, the camera will turn off (wait for a few seconds to make sure it's really off)

if you see the Firmware Update Program Loading screen, it means you have opened the battery door a bit too late; wait until the camera turns off and try again!

open the card door and remove the card from the camera (do not close the battery door; also leave the power switch on; the camera should stay off)

copy firmware 1.2.3 (5D300123.FIR) to the card

put the card back into the camera, close the card door

you may leave the original 1.3.6 FIR on the card, or you may delete it; doesn't matter

close the battery door; you should see the Firmware Update Program Loading screen

if you get an error message at this step, remove the battery and reboot

confirm the firmware downgrade from 1.3.6 to 1.2.3

a successful downgrade should take about 4 minutes.

I have done this so I know it works.

This is the most important step: open the battery door ASAP, but don't remove the battery! - ASAP means immediately. ANY delay and this will not work. But it does not do damage, just means you have to try again but faster!


Hello, just got the Mk3 and the latest build (7-3-2018). I haven't had any issues but how does one record higher than 1920x 1080 with raw? Also are there any new builds in development?

Thanks and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Walter Schulz

Quote from: DaRealTurbo on May 23, 2020, 06:48:34 PM
how does one record higher than 1920x 1080 with raw?
Press magnify/loupe/zoom button.

Quote from: DaRealTurbo on May 23, 2020, 06:48:34 PMAlso are there any new builds in development?

Top of page -> Downloads -> Downloads (drop down menu) -> Experiments -> 4k crop builds.


I have1.3.6. thanx to canon repair. Having the worst time. This is to clarify previous post.
attempting to downgrade, frankly to anything, have tried 1.1.3 and 1.2.4 on two sd cards, but regardless what FIR i download, my 5d3 only reads as 1.3.3??? and does not load ML  nor ever downgrades.
Ive spent weeks searching and trying to no avail. just cannot get rid of 1.3.6
Thank You again

Walter Schulz

Follow instructions described as "Method B" to the letter! -> Installation

If you still have troubles: Record your steps with another cam (smartphone is ok) and link video here.

PS: No idea why you are trying 1.2.4. There is no ML for this version and it is not part of the installation instructions!


Hello all
Please help me choose
I decided to buy 5Diii or 6D
I am interested in the video more than the pictures
6D has a continuous focus while 5D iii does not have a continuous focus
Does the continuous focus work on ML
I ask those with knowledge and experience to help me make a decision because I do not know how these cameras handle ML
I apologize if the place is wrong
I just wanted the owners of the camera to help me so I wrote here