Author Topic: short animation: collapse - 50D raw....perfect for compositing  (Read 1845 times)


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a few months ago i posted a film called synthlapse based on mirrored timelapse shots from the 50D.
at the end it promised a second part.
so be sure to watch synthlapse first!

i got a bit carried away after seeing gravity.
so i added a few space scenes. and some explosions. and hostile space craft. and tanks. and gas masks....

obviously all not completely shot in camera with the 50D...  ;) so, i hope this is okay.
chromakeying was a charm in the window shot. the shot compromises the fluidity of the final edit a little bit, but i left it because it was fun to do it.

one long term timelapse shot was taken with a rollei 4s action cam. i used the fish eye distortion in these jpeg sequences to simulate a slight camera movement.

the final short is more a result of warming up of some old skills and a lot of experimentation and optimizing workflows for myself.
and a small showreel with kind of a story  :D

have fun!