Which SD card is best for shooting RAW Video with T5i and ML?

Started by calichris432, March 13, 2014, 11:12:56 PM

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Hello guys and gals hoping you can help me pick out the best card for my new T5i. I want to shoot raw video with ML.

warning disclaimer slightly newbie - hey we got to start some where :)

Question 1: which SD card is best for RAW Video with Magic Lantern with T5i ?

Question 2: what cards allow the longest record time with no dropouts?

I'm looking at some of these newer faster SD cards (which would seem to handle raw) however can the T5i take advantage of the speed of these cards or are they a waste of money?

I heard somewhere that the T5i is capped from the camera at 41 megs, if that is the case these faster cards are a waste of money- is this true?

Can someone please clarify?

I've been hoping that is not true and I've been looking at these cards

Hoodman seems the best but which model exactly?  (pretty expensive but wish list for later)

or the KOMPUTERBAY 64GB - seems to have potential and  be a good choice for those on a budget, but how reliable and which model specifically?

I have also been looking at the 32 meg sandisk extreme pro with 95 meg write which is currently on amazon for $50 - but how much record-time will I get on this card and will it cut it?
or is one of those slower 45 meg write ones all that I can take advantage of with the T5i anyway?

Can T5i raw video ML users please chime in on what is working reliably and what card I should get that is not overkill?

any feedback would be much appreciated




Lexar pro class 10 600x spead read, write at 90mbs if I'm not mistaken.


32 gig is 69.99 and the 16gig is 39.99 it's all u need aprox 32 min of rec time from the camera the cards hold more than that.


can you clarify if you have recorded with the t5i with those cards with  ML in raw video mode?

if so how long of a video in raw did you shoot in raw with a 32 gig card?

can anyone else also verify these are the best cards to get for the T5i?

are these overkill then?



can anyone clarify if raw is possible on T5i and is the 45 meg lexars is all need anything faster is overkill waste?


even though this is a different camera it seems to makea case for higher birate cards

is this relevant to the T5i

I'm leaning towards the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s

for the T5i anyone else had success with this combo?


Lexar 32 gig class 10 600x its 60mb/s and 90mb/s its quick im using one. if you need faster panasonic has a new one specially for 4k


sand disk claims 95mb/s but its only 45mb/s write, the lexar pro is min 60mb/s write and 90mb/s transferthere are uhs III cards bur are a few hundred at trasfer speeds up to 180 and 210mb/s

Walter Schulz

My 8 GByte Sandisk Extreme Pro is benchmarked above 78 MByte/s with CrystalDiskMark, Kingston FCR-HS3.
Either your test routine is invalid or your card is a faked one.


What settings are you using for shutting raw on the t5i? I've tried yesterday but my video stopped after few seconds. I'm using a Sandisk 32gb (80mb/s - 80 read and 60 write) disk.

Victor Ruiz

Hi, first question, new here, using a sandisk 30mbs with my t5i, which resolution are you using and what is few seconds? Does anyone tried and compared the sandisk 45mbs vs 95mbs in this camera? Does anyone tried this method and saw improvements RAW 600D SanDisk 45MB/s Benchmark: http://youtu.be/HI4XZPAMoZk ? Thanks! If we all share our experiences this would be much easier and painless, even if we have unsuccessful experiences... We can learn from our collective mistakes, out there isn't much information for this entry level cameras... Thanks in advance!


a faster card won't make a difference as the camera itself is limited to 40mb/s by the controller


10 seconds in the raw forum would have taught you this.

i get 39 or 40mb/s on a 6D with the standard sandisk extreme