[ALREADY DONE] Pick last image from camera roll when using Ghost image feature

Started by saw0, March 10, 2014, 04:17:44 PM

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Hi there guys,

being a follower of the project from the first days of the a1ex ports, I was using ML from then on.

Now I want to request a little feature that is partly already implemented:

When using "Ghost Image" one has to pick a image manually.

Can the picking process be automated to use the last image that was taken (newest timestamp)?

After taking an image, the one that was just taken is rendered as an Ghost image and so on.

That would help alot with "Bullet time" Effect Timelapses where all sequential images must be aligned to the one before.

At the moment it is tedious to take an image, update Ghost, take image, update Ghost etc.

Also, would it be possible to manually choose opacity and to have a color / sw switch for of the Ghost?

Thank you so much for all your work!




Hey sawo,

Are you sure you are running the nightly builds? (it's already done)


Hi a1ex,

thanks for the fast reply.

Just found the "Error" - which is perhaps just a missing hint in the description.

There was a Auto Update Feature, but it was doing nothing for me, thats why I wrote "partly already implemented"

It did not work because I had the "Image Review" Option disabled. Now with this set to 2 secs, it works like a charm.

Perhaps there could be a small note in camera or someone with Editor privilege could write a sentence about this fact in the wiki.

Thank you and cheers